Growth of Lone.Design

In the last several months/weeks I have been scouring the deep depths of the Rust management/development community to find the most unique creators/plugin developers to host their products on the site. There has been an increase of members join the team and host their content on the site, however, I bet there are many more talented people out there! If you any of you know of someone who is unique, or growing, or even very experienced in map-making or plugin development feel free to invite them to the discord! Additionally, if you’re interested in joining to have your masterpieces displayed on the site as well please click the link below to submit a vendor application to join!

Growth Of Lone

We are always expanding and plan to branch into other games in the near future to include many more unique content across many different games! This site started off as a Custom Map site for Rust and has quickly turned into a great community of talented people who I (Lone), have had a absolute privilege getting to meet!


Last I’d like to add to this post is a huge thank you to all of you who have purchased, supported, or even guided the team in any way and I want to let you know how much it means to me that I am able to do what I love doing during this strange time in the world today. So seriously, thank you all so much!

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