Arctic Monument

New Arctic Monument In Rust And More!

Rust Arctic Monument & More

With the upcoming addition to Rust, a new Arctic Biome Monument will be released soon, hopefully, by (February 3rd) (Currently Live on the Staging Aux Branch) you can expect to see some new life being added to the artic biome of all sorts! Several key features of this article were made possible by the information and graphics provided by Mister Flak as well as Shadowfrax! You can view this monument directly through’s Monument Viewer tool as well (only available on Desktop browser).

New Arctic Monument

Arctic Monument

What we know about the Arctic Monument!

  • Like several familiar monuments, this one will feature a handful of blue scientist NPC’s (which have a chance of being able to self-heal)
  • Size is comparable to water treatment
  • As of today (January 20th) there are no keycard puzzles integrations yet but may be coming!
  • Additionally, there is no loot spawns yet, however, we can probably expect a mid-tier monument worth of goodies
  • Doesn’t have any underground elements as of yet
  • Of course, this monument will be in the snow, so expect to wear some warm clothing
  • At this stage, the monument will not have multiple variations and it will be this same layout for now. Info from Alistair

In addition to this, the monument contains many new prefabs and models to the game that will certainly be utilized by the map-making community at some point I can imagine! I have pre-patched the map maker toolkit to include most of these new prefabs as well for your own reference if interested. NOTE: You must have your Rustedit sourced to the staging branch aux+1 branch in order to view these models, otherwise they won’t be visible within your Rustedit just yet. 

Featured Content Creator

As usual Mister Flak has done an amazing job covering all aspects of this new snowy addition to the game. Give him a like and follow below!

Snow Mobiles & Polar Bears!

In addition to the Arctic Monument being added, they have added several other aspects as well such as snowmobiles as well as polar bears. Another fabulous content creator you all have heard of, Shadowfrax has done an amazing job covering footage on both of these new additions as well!

What do we know about snowmobiles?

  • You can push them similar to other rideables in the game in case they get stuck or difficult
  • There are currently 2 versions (a very DIY built one, and a higher quality one)
  • Currently, the only spawn info is that the cheaper snowmobile will spawn within one of the hangars at the arctic monument
  • Stores up to 500 Low-Grade Fuel max
  • Storage located in the back of the mobile that has 2 rows of slots
  • Snowmobiles are quite fast in terms of travel speed, but the downside is they are quite loud so be careful who’s clan base you drive past
  • They can ride up to 2 players, however, carrying a second rider will considerably slow down the speed of the mobile
  • It can ride on other biomes and surfaces as well, but not as efficiently as snow
  • Each Snow Mobile has 300hp durability

What do we know about Polar Bears?

  • You’ll only see these spawn within the arctic biome, however, they can appear to roam a tad outside of that zone!
  • Damage to a player is roughly 10hp greater than a regular bear
  • Polar Bears have roughly 100 more hp than a standard bear
  • Yield ~15% more resources when harvested
  • With the addition of Polar Bears, normal bears have been slightly reduced in terms of their hostility towards players


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