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Oak Lodge Shooting Range

(3 customer reviews)

Oak Lodge Shooting Range and visitors center, includes working scoreboards, 200 meter, 100 meter and minigame ranges.
Also includes a Plugin to customise reactive targets


Sold By: CollapsedOrange


A shooting range with working scoreboards and two loot rooms, one is accessed via a fuse and panic button and the other accessed by a fuse + shooting every target in a single game on range 3.
Also includes plugin to change skins on targets, change damage to knockdown and change the reset time.

Prefab count – Version 1 : 3993

Prefab count – Version 2 : 3365


Details – Version 1

  • Range 3 mini game, shoot all 20 targets in one game to open the loot room
  • Has io on all three ranges with scoreboards and timed games.
  • Visitors center has a gun shop with loot panic room

Details – Version 2

  • Less prefabs and no io to increase server performance
  • Abandoned trashed visitors center





3 reviews for Oak Lodge Shooting Range

  1. TDPcorndiggitydoggg (verified owner)

    I used the version without io and it’s very nice!

  2. chris198102 (verified owner)

    So many bugs ….looks cool but never works

    • CollapsedOrange

      Really? It’s the first I’m hearing of this so if you can contact me on discord with a list of the issues. I can get them fixed.

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Version V1.03
  • 2 months ago Fixed random floating glass on gun cabinet
  • 2 months ago Removed all io and counters from no io version
  • 2 months ago Added trail path on range 3
  • 2 months ago Fixed height map and topology
  • 2 months ago Updated for 05/08 force wipe

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