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A large and interesting map that has a large number of RT underground. For more information, see the map description…

$34.99 $29.99

Sold By: jtedal


Map 296x300 1 Aurora

A little about the map:

Under the map there are 5 stations that are connected by 1 branch of tunnels. the tunnels contain rocks, non-loot piles of garbage, and bots.
In the creation of the map, my good friend Gruber provided me with his RT. I suggest you also look at his product.

Size: 4к

Prefab Count: ~38к

Custom monuments:
Сoncrete plant
Pack of Roadside Monuments + Gas Station + Warehouse
“Cobalt” U.S.S
Subway Station
+ 2 more underground stations
Monuments from Facepunch:
Train Yard
Sewer Branch
Power Plant
Bandit camp
Satellite Dish
Oil Rig
Large Oil Rig
Harbor 1
Harbor 2
P.S. If you want to change the map for yourself / your needs, please contact the author.

1 review for Aurora

  1. anythingother (verified owner)

    I love this map, and so does everyone that’s tried it. Admittedly, I’ve not explored the whole thing (there is SOOOOOOO much to see and do), but I’ve got to say, this is really good. For the price as well, I’m extremely happy.

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