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The Wasteland is a map that fully lives up to its name. The multi-level landscape was created in the worldcreator 2 program. There are numerous ascents along roads and paths on the map. Fresh water is found in bays off some coasts. There are also numerous tunnels to go to other parts of the map. This map used a custom package of post-apocalypse machines (by c0ini). The map is suitable for all types of servers.

Map Size – 4000
Prefab Count: – 54600

Sold By: Gruber


A map that fully justifies its name. The result of the effects of drought, atmospheric anomalies and similar phenomena, the consequences of which almost completely devastate the area from all living creatures and destroy the entire infrastructure leading them to disrepair. Ruins of buildings, buried roads, rusty skeletons of equipment and the remains of dead creatures-this is what remains after the world cataclysm. There are no water sources in the center of the map due to the arid climate. The landscape has undergone geological changes, everywhere you can see a lot of ravines, gorges and faults, which is why the movement is very difficult both on transport and on foot. Based on the above facts, this area is inhabited by very few groups of greedy and insane people who have adapted to this climate. When you set foot in these territories, you must have the best protective equipment, weapons to protect yourself from any misfortune, more than excellent training and knowledge to survive in the wildest conditions, and just be prepared for the worst, because the wasteland is one of the most dangerous and unpredictable places. The map has a large number of road and railway tunnels, some of them contain scientists who have not been able to get out of the lost land. So you will be surprised by the number of small, but very atmospheric locations, apocalyptic cars and installations. Also, the main map is 2 oil rigs in the center of the map, because the main currency on the wasteland is oil and fuel. Enjoy your survival, friends.

Custom monuments:
☣Death Train;
☣Cannibal Camp;
☣Hermit Base;
☣Abandoned Tunnels;
☣Junk Town;
☣Rookie Village;
☣Elevator Kordon;
☣Autocooperative “Lokomotive”;
☣Pig Farm;
☣Shelter City;
☣Red Rocket;
☣Small Bandit Camp;
☣Lost Airfield;
☣Auto Tunnels.

Monuments FP:
– Launch Site
– Outpost
– Sewer Branch
– Covered with sand Water Treatment
– Bandit camp
– Sphere
– Quarry
– Harbor
– Military tunnels
– OilRig
– Fishing Village
– Ranch
– Lighthouse
– Giant Excavator

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  1. Twistex (verified owner)

    Sick map :O love the apocalyptic feeling.

  2. connorosullivan7 (verified owner)

    Crazy map, much recommended if you appreciate Fallout vibes.

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