Cargo Train Event


Sold by: Nikedemos

It’s exactly what it sounds like: a workcart loaded with precious cargo starts randomly traversing the rail system – IT WILL WORK ON ANY TRAIN-ENABLED MAP, INCLUDING PROCGENS AND CUSTOM MAPS, OUT OF THE BOX! It’s up to the players to defeat the Scientists and take control of the loot before the Cargo Train self-destructs. Tunnel Dwellers and possible radiation on the Train is only one of your problems: keep an eye for other players who might be watching your every move on the Train CCTVs while the event is active! Randomized loot may include Bradley-, Heli-, Elite and Locked Crates by default.  Highly configurable, optimised for performance and works on any map with a rail system, including PvE and custom maps! And great for those where Cargo Ship is just not possible.

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