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This plugin allows to craft, deploy, maintain, raid and use different types of carnival, fairground and theme park Rides. Players can set up their own attractions and anyone you allow can ride them for fun. You can charge for the pleasure – what a fun way to get rich! Some Amusement Rides come with music, some of them can kill you, some you can operate manually, some can be helpful from a tactical standpoint. Early Access comes with 4 attractions (with more already in the works!), fun physics, easy to navigate GUIs and a detailed documentation.


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f138WfW amusement rides

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Amusement Rides In short

This plugin allows to craft, deploy, maintain, raid and use different types of carnival, fairground and theme park Rides. Players can set up their own attractions and anyone you allow can ride them for fun. You can charge for the pleasure – what a fun way to get rich! Some Amusement Rides come with music, some of them can kill you, some you can operate manually, some can be helpful from a tactical standpoint. Early Access comes with 3 attractions (with more already in the works!), fun physics, easy to navigate GUIs and a detailed documentation.

Check out the video.


As seen on Oblivion!


4 unique Rides – and more coming soon!

The Vomit Comet, Merry-Go-Round, the Ferris Wheel and Mechanical Bull. Each unique, each with its own gimmick, each will make for a picturesque landmark AND a fun way to spend some scrap.

qXytzEd amusement rides

Easy on the CPU – despite its unprecedented scope

This plugin was made with optimisation in mind – and that process will never end. It utilises very cheap, “piggyback” physics updates that are built into Rust/Unity – no re-inventing the wheel, just re-purposing it. Amusement Rides can easily handle thousands of entities moving/revolving at once AND it looks as smooth as native Rust physics, with minimum overhead.

Intuitive, easy to navigate GUI

Gone are the days of spawning with hard-to-remember commands (but you still can, if you’re an admin). Just open your Workbench, see what Rides are available for that level (what they look like, how much they cost, what’s special about them), and get crafting! This feature can be disabled in the config if you only want admins to be able to craft Rides.

cSWpXnE amusement rides

Every Ride is configured from a GUI, too. Authorised players can decide different settings about the Ride (and again, more settings coming soon – that’s why I left some space there!)

rToIsni amusement rides

Different ways of setting up rides

By default, every player can craft any ride provided they have the right Workbench and enough resources. You can disable that in the config so only admins can deploy rides. Apart from crafting, as an admin, you can also give yourself (or another player) the ride item without crafting with one simple command. Another way is spawning the Ride directly where you are – this ignores any proximity checks for Rides an entities nearby. Again – everything’s in the documentation!

Great way to encourage player PVP and interaction

Just like Vending machines, Rides can attract visitors – both wanted and not-so-wanted! They usually hold upkeep resources and admission fee items in its container – so make sure you lock them up and keep an eye for those pesky raiders! Or better yet, pick them up once you’re done, and deploy them again anywhere, any time. Having a pop-up Carnival has never been this easy!

Some Rides are not just for fun/getting rich quick: they’re also useful on their own, as tactical structures. Roof camping from the Ferris Wheel? Hiding behind the door in the Merry Go Round? Launching yourself over the walls of an enemy compound with the aid of the Vomit Comet? Shhh, if anyone asks, you didn’t hear that from me…

Early Access: Why? What does it mean? What are the perks?

There’s only one way to properly test the limits of a plugin of this magnitude – with the help of you and your players. The advantages of getting the plugin during its Early Access phase are quite obvious: it gives you a chance to play around with Amusement Rides before anyone else – and also for a discounted price! – AND it gives me a chance to track down every possible edge case scenario where things might go wrong (bugs, plugin incompatibilities, features I might have overlooked etc). So it’s a win win, both for the developer AND the server owners.

As an Early Access User you will be exempt from the 6 server limit (upon verification) and you’ll get to test new Rides as soon as they’re out.

Being a part of Early Access crew also grants you a special role on the discord – and with it, all the latest scoop on the different cool things that I have in the works, including Amusement Rides!

Will there be more rides?

Sooner than you might think! All Rides added to the plugin during Early Access will end up in the “base” version, no extra keys needed when the official release 1.0.0 is out, everyone gets to keep theirs!


I’m not going to speak legalese here. It’s going to be short and to the point. By purchasing Amusement Rides you hereby agree to these conditions:

  • If something goes wrong with your server (not that it will!) while using this plugin, you will not hold Nikedemos responsible. You use the plugin at your own risk. Always make sure you make backup copies before experimenting with anything.
  • You are granted a license to use the plugin on up to 6 servers at time. You have to be the owner or co-owner of those servers. This license will never expire. When the plugin gets updated, every license owner is entitled to an update.
  • You will not distribute this plugin in any shape or form – not on forums, social media, not to your friends, not to other server owners nor other plugin developers. Making plugins takes time and effort and I really appreciate respecting plugin developers by not stealing their work. The only way to legally own and use Amusement Rides on a server you own is to purchase a license. If you’re not a permanent co-owner on a particular server (that has been participating in the server costs/revenue), you can’t deploy the plugin there, even if you’re friends with the owner. They have to purchase a separate license.


  • Rollercoasters!
  • More global configuration options for different types of experience
  • More fun rides
  • GUI-Based step-by-step tutorial for players!
  • More control over ride configuration (different images on signs, different speed settings etc)
  • Did I mention ROLLERCOASTERS?!
  • More control over operating rides (start/stop buttons, turning lights on and off etc)
  • Support for ServerRewards and Economics
  • Comprehensive permission system
  • API Hooks/Methods

Are you looking for an awesome monument to host your Rides? Check out Gruber’s Amusement Park map!

(NOTE: This is a separate product by a third party Vendor. It’s not required for Amusement Rides, but it compliments them perfectly!)

15 reviews for Amusement Rides

  1. Pascal Otten (verified owner)

    Verry fun plugin.
    Easy to set up and use
    Can’t wait for more ” rides”

  2. Michael (verified owner)

    realy awsome plugin by a great dev we cant wait whats instored in the future and the new rides comming

  3. Jyoji Tsuchida (verified owner)


  4. deyowan (verified owner)

    Amazingly smooth running plugin! and a Very helpful developer to top it off!

  5. 617858617 (verified owner)

    Very good plug-in, due to my problem, it was not available at the beginning, the author was very patient to help me solve it, thank you very much

  6. Klaus Meyer (verified owner)

    a great plugin, a simple explanation is included! and the support is fantastic … i can only recommend the plugin to anyone who wants to have fun on his server !!!!

  7. Bence Lakatos (verified owner)

    Best plugin ever!

  8. undertow (verified owner)

    Works stunningly well, just as shown in the preview. Everything looks beautiful, made with care, and functions as designed. Wonderful support from the developer on top of that. Cheers

  9. bmthebigredmachine (verified owner)

    Try jumping before the ride ends, pb is 194 damage in godmode

  10. Ariazua (verified owner)

    I´m so happy with this plugin. It is exactly like the preview. The creator was very nice, patient and attentive to help me to install it, even he helps me with other plugin´s errors. Thank you so much!

  11. MeinRust (verified owner)

    Great plugin, very good job! We can only recommend it!

  12. Marmel1810 (verified owner)

    Easy to set up and
    to use
    Great plugin
    is really fun
    really good support

  13. Tevier (verified owner)

    A very fun and unique plugin.
    I recommend it to everyone who wants to give their server a special touch.
    A great job from the developer.
    Thanks to its creator for all the explanations and help offered.

  14. John Cooper (verified owner)

    love it

  15. Laernu Tairos (verified owner)

    Sick plugin, amazing support from author.
    Super eager to help even if you don’t need it.
    Current rides are nice, rollarcoasters will make this “the” plugin later

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Version 0.8.5
  • Fixed Fixed issue with signs not being skinned properly on server restart and producing a bunch of errors in the console
  • Updated Now SignArtist is a hard dependency, the plugin won't run without it. Still, it won't tell you whether you have the right version or not, so make sure you got the patched one!
  • Added Added Definition Customisations in the config. Now you can edit the ride description, ride icon on the workbench, ride cost (items and quantities), workbench level required to craft, but most importantly, the maximum waiting time for a ride, custom sign URLs and custom skins for chairs!
Version 0.8
  • Added Brand new ride: Mechanical Bull! See the video:
  • Added You can now enable/disable music per ride in the ride UI
  • Added You can enable/disable global broadcast messages in the ride UI
  • Updated No more need for patched Zone Manager. In fact, you should download the latest one from umod, otherwise expect funky stuff to happen! Thanks for adding the hook, k1lly0u!
  • Fixed Fixed formatting for map markers - no more broken HTML tags. Unfortunately we can't have formatting in vending machines anymore.
  • Fixed Moved the Ride's vending machine (just used for the marker) deeper down, as it would still show underneath when placed on monuments like the dome
  • Fixed Fix for Zone Manager ejecting music player NPCs from excluded zones
  • Fixed Some minor fixes and improvements

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