Cobalt: Desolation’s Edge


Sold by: Shemov

Cobalt: Desolation’s Edge is a map that describes the tragic consequences of the climate catastrophe that destroyed the upper part of the island. But not everything was lost, the lowlands of the island were saved and remained unfrozen, providing shelter for survivors.

There is a Launch Site on the map – a place from where you can launch a rocket and leave a dangerous island, if you manage to build and launch it, of course. There are also many custom places on the map for the construction of player bases, where they can plan and create their own housing and organize their protection from the elements and other players.

There is also a cave – a transition between lowlands, where players will be able to move to another lowland and avoid the dangers of the surface. A lot of unique custom objects on the map will create a unique atmosphere and make the game even more exciting.

The Cobalt: Desolation’s Edge map will be an excellent choice for those who are looking for new places to survive and want to test their skills in adapting to extreme conditions. It will attract new players to the server and help them get used to a new, unfamiliar world.

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