Haven Point Custom Map

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Welcome to Haven Point! A 3400 size map that is changing the game of custom maps!

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Welcome to Haven Point

Prefab Count: 35345

A game-changer map for the traditional playstyle of Rust featuring a slightly more dense 3400 size map than a normal proc gen but handcrafted fully from a program called World Creator! This map features a ton of features ranging in sizes and benefits for not only the players but also for the server owners!

There are many struggles that a lot of custom maps that have had whilst hosting them on servers for your players and that’s lack of knowledge for the new monuments they’ve never seen, and the shock of how foreign the map seems, as well as the sheer size that some maps are in comparison to the server’s population.

Over extensive research of the average server map size, player count, preferred maps, I have meticulously made this map to try and cover as many points as possible to ensure the absolute best experience for traditional proc-gen players to enjoy the custom map world that is slowly growing! Here are the benefits I tried to achieve below!

Map Benefits

  • 3400 Size offers a plenty large enough landmass for players to build as well as interact more often to each other to ensure longer playtime throughout wipes
  • Custom mini bandit camp adds an extra gambling area as well as a safe zone to split up the traditional bandit rush for all the betting heads for more places to meet new nakeds
  • Optimized Map; total prefab/entity count is around 34k which for custom maps is generally low, whilst still keeping high detailed/unique monuments for optimum performance for both the server and players
  • Small Oil Rig in a large centralized Lake to increase pvp interactions for players
  • Outpost strategically placed on a slight hill to prevent people from sniping in
  • Custom bridges/dam to link all the islands together for the upcoming car update!
  • Enhanced existing monuments such as Dome for a much more unique exploration experience
  • Two additional water-based monuments (Sea Forts/Sunken Sub) for more water-based experiences
  • Custom Buildable areas in the Dark Forest for new and thrilling starter build locations
  • Plenty of Building space around the map
  • Slightly increased underground monument exploration to utilize an area that’s barely used in Rust

Custom Monuments

  • Construction site monument (North East)
    • 1 Fuse required
  • Mini-Bandit Camp (Central)
    • Gambling Room
    • Custom Shopkeeper
    • Semi-Safezone (guards)
    • Utilities (recycler/repair bench/etc)
  • Large Drainage System under Dome
    • 1 Fuse
    • 1 Blue Card
  • Mountain Bunker Laboratory
    • 1 Greencard
  • Underground Submarine (newly updated version)
    • 1 Fuse
    • 1 Bluecard
  • Maunsell Sea Forts
    • 1 Fuse
    • 1 Blue Card
  • Dark Forest
    • Buildable zones
  • Medical Center
    • 1 Fuse
    • 1 Greencard
  • Relocated Small OilRig to be inside the map in a large lake


CCTV Codes

  • ID: MOUNTAIN1 – Location: (-26.0, 99.6, -32.8)
  • ID: COMTOWER1 – Location: (-21.2, 207.4, -71.2)
  • ID: SEWER13 – Location: (114.9, 55.9, -444.3)
  • ID: SEWER04 – Location: (119.2, 58.6, -512.0)
  • ID: DAMSTATION1 – Location: (736.4, 6.5, 277.8)
  • ID: JOBSITE43 – Location: (909.3, 30.7, 699.1)
Haven Point Custom Map Image


Run-Thru videos of the newly added monuments listed below!


3 reviews for Haven Point Custom Map

  1. coweater (verified owner)

    Beautiful map with great attention to detail. So many places to explorer, your players will fall in love with it straight away.

  2. MICHAEL BRETT (verified owner)

    awesome map keep up the good work :]

  3. johnwcordell (verified owner)

    Great use of a smaller map. Everyone loves exploring the custom monuments. You can tell a lot of time was spent creating this. Very responsive/helpful and courteous with any questions.

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  • v55 Initial Release (05/02/2020)
  • v56 Minor Update -Added more rock formations in some bare areas which will also add more node spawns -Tweaked the dam puzzle a bit since it was quite hard for starter loot -Fixed Satellite at excavator since it wasn't broken so if people edited the map there would be floating crates
  • v57 -removed a random prefab from a river
  • v58 -fixed loot not spawning at mining outpost -fixed invisible barriers from tree roots making walking in dark forest difficult -adjusted sea forts since one prefab was strangely modified
  • v59 (Updated for new Bandit town addition)
  • v60 (Updated Minor terrain imperfections at Launchsite, as well as Bandit camp
  • v61 Added the new boatyard monument
  • v63 Fixed elevator system under dome since recent update goofed HBHF sensors within Rustedit
  • v64 MASSIVE topology changes to balance trees/ores on the map!
  • v65 - New Horse Stable Monuments!
    • Added two horse stable monuments on opposing ends of the map
    • Slightly fixed a couple of areas with topology
  • v66 (11/11/2020)
    • Added custom map markers since Facepunch added support for them on Thursday's update

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