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Crane Monument


Are players getting bored of the same ol’ monuments? Spruce your server up a bit by adding this small custom monument anywhere to it! It offers badass visual aesthetics, nice sniping/vulnerable spots, even has a puzzle with good loot in it!

Sold By: Lone


Monument Info

Crane is roughly 75m tall
A puzzle which includes/requires 2 fuses/1 green card/1 blue card
Green card loot: 2 normal wooden crates, 2 normal green crates
Blue card loot: 2 elite crates, 2 normal green crates
Reactivating lights based on player activity at the monument
RF Broadcaster to notify anyone as soon as someone puts the first fuse in (if using pager at correct frequency located in the cabin of the crane
Flat terrain support so you can drag and drop anywhere!
To Use This Prefab On Your Own Map, Once Purchased, Drag The .Prefab File Into Your RustEdit Custom Prefabs Folder (Wherever You Downloaded RustEdit Too). Launch RustEdit, Open The .Map Of Your Procgen Or Already Custom Map. Then Tap On The Prefab Section, Click The “Custom” Subsection And Drag The Monument Wherever You Please! There Are Plenty Of Videos On Youtube How To Drag Prefabs Around And Create A Custom Map From A Procgen, Etc.


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