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(5 customer reviews)


Custom Submarine Monument to add to any unique server!

Sold By: Lone


Here I present so far my favorite prefab I’ve worked on. I’ve worked on this submarine for several weeks now off and on to make it how I wanted it. I hope some server owners are able to enjoy this and drop in onto their existing proc gen map for an extra spice for their players!


Loot accessible without any cards/fuses (very basic ‘road’ loot)
Full Blue card puzzle which requires a fuse to start. (2 elite crates, 4 green crates, 1 normal crate)
Functioning Alarm system if the button is pressed in the control room (sound only right now)
Easy drag and drop placement for server owners to add to their existing map
Full emersion of a new monument that feels like part of the game
*New* Underwater version included different loot, unique atmosphere for underwater excursions


5 reviews for Submarine

  1. rbryan79 (verified owner)

    I really like this prefab. It adds a fun little water mission to your server. Super easy to place, not overly complicated to complete. Plus, it looks super cool. Great Job!

  2. slayersrust (verified owner)

    Since this is a water monument it was a breeze to place, I just found a big empty area of water and placed it down. The puzzles were not to hard to figure out but offer a bit of a fun challenge. The players on my server really love it!

  3. cliffy.chapman (verified owner)

    As per others a great monument, easy to place – the underwater one is amazing as it means players need to finally use diving gear A+++. The only wish would be the / airlock so you enter full of water and it drains but i understand that is a game limitation but as a prefab its amazing and well worth my money.

  4. Your Sensei (verified owner)

    My players absolutely love this, amazing job

  5. Big Easy (verified owner)

    Been using the Sub for months now, runs really well, drag and drop, love the underwater version!!

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  • 1.0 Initial Release (March 9th 2020)
  • 1.1 Updated Underwater Submarine: Flooded edition.
  • 1.2 Updated to remove all egg prefabs due to recent update causing red text errors, also moved broadcaster inside the wall of the sub to prevent players from changing the frequency
  • 1.3 Updated to remove NPC spawns since recent Rustedit updates have randomly moved/duplicated them.

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