Desert Military Base
20211122035152 1 Desert Military Base
20211122035205 1 Desert Military Base
20211122035215 1 Desert Military Base
20211122035222 1 Desert Military Base
20211122035233 1 Desert Military Base
20211122035241 1 Desert Military Base
20211122035256 1 Desert Military Base
20211122035302 1 Desert Military Base
20211122035309 1 Desert Military Base
20211122035321 1 Desert Military Base
20211122035343 1 Desert Military Base
20211122035351 1 Desert Military Base
20211122035405 1 Desert Military Base
20211122035421 1 Desert Military Base
20211122035503 1 Desert Military Base
20211122035522 1 Desert Military Base
20211122035531 1 Desert Military Base
20211122035540 1 Desert Military Base
20211122013002 1 Desert Military Base
20211122013034 1 Desert Military Base
20211122013139 1 Desert Military Base
20211122013222 1 Desert Military Base
20211122012654 1 Desert Military Base
20211122012714 1 Desert Military Base
20211122012906 1 Desert Military Base

Desert Military Base

A desert military base that is perfect for replacing a military base from FP

The size of the location’s territory is the same as that of the Military Base of Variation D


Sold By: Xacku


A Deserted Military Base

Once, in wartime, this base was one of the most significant strategic points, but later the authorities mobilized their troops, while not dismantling the base and abandoning all things. What caused these actions is unknown. But it is known that local units of the Cobalt army entered the territory of the base. They are now guarding these possessions, but you have the opportunity to clean up the territory. In what way to protect it? Silent, destroying each soldier quietly, or enter the territory en masse and arrange a real war. A reward? The reward will please you. Having captured a military base, there will be an MLRS rocket launcher in your possession, charging which you will be able to attack almost any point on the island. The one who will be in the affected area is deprived of the slightest chance of survival. Act, survivor!


The size of the location’s territory is the same as that of the Military Base of Variation D
There are hostile NPCs on the territory
• There is a shooting range on the territory, where you can practice shooting
Availability of a recycler
Availability of a table for repair
Loot List:
Barrel – 18pc
Oil Barrel – 5pc
Fuel Crate – 5pc
Crate Normal 2 – 7pc
Metal Crate Normal – 3pc
Crate Normal Random – 4pc
Food Crate – 8pc
Mine Crate – 2pc
Medical Crate – 3pc
Ammo Crate – 6pc
Tool Crate – 1pc
Vehicle Parts – 1pc
Green Card – 1pc


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Version 1.0.0
  • Added Initial release

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Pierre Delage
1 month 30 days ago

Hi ! MLRS doesn’t work for me

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