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Giant’s Land

(5 customer reviews)

Would you like to feel like a little ant in a huge world? You have such an opportunity to play on my new map. The 5 times enlarged custom monuments such as Supermarket and Gas Station located on a small map will give you and your players a lot of pleasure to realize that you are just an ant in the land of Giants. Also added to all this are several places to build a base on the territory of the Huge Monuments.


Sold By: Gruber


A lot of time was spent to fix all the enlarged models, and a lot of work was done to set up the colliders and other things for a comfortable game. The map was tested by a large number of players on the Russian server “Batin Server” for 3 weeks, all found bugs were in the process of being fixed. The owner of the server closely helped me with ideas to create this map.

Attention: For good texture display, please turn on the particle quality to the maximum.


☣The map size is 1500.
☣In fact, the map looks like 2000-2500.
☣Number of Prefabs – 13562
☣The monument with the tower has a ring road with a tank guarding it.
☣To avoid problems with components, barrels and crates are added to the main monuments in large quantities.

Custom monuments:
☣Huge Supermarket (5 times enlarged)
☣Gas station (Increased by 5 times)
☣Tarkova Sanctuary
☣Completely redesigned gang camp, reduced by 3 times, with all functions such as Merchants, buying a minicopter and casino.
☣Ship Cargo with the possibility of building a base in the hold.
☣2 large boats to build the base
☣2 huge containers for building a base
☣2 passenger barges with green and blue cards
☣Winter biom is covered with ice and eisberg to players with a large online was where to build your home.

Monument FP:
Oil Rig Big
Oil Rig Small
Gas Station in Supermarket
Monument from Hapis map

5 reviews for Giant’s Land

  1. Fröhlich Christian (verified owner)

    very nice small map, i realy like it!!

  2. TDPcorndiggitydoggg (verified owner)

    My new favorite map! Thanks for making this!

  3. thepsnetwork (verified owner)

    Crazy fun map. The map size is small but when your playing its actually large. Hope to see a few giant NPCs and animals in future updates. Dev is very helpful and friendly.

  4. lj.itsleakz (verified owner)

    great map just needed education on how to use custom maps

  5. themcmahonfamily (verified owner)

    i just know its gonna be great but i dont know how to put the file inand could use help

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