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Land of fantasy

(1 customer review)


“Land of fantasy” size 4000 with a magnificent landscape made in world Creator 2 is one of those maps where the name speaks for itself. Its main components, of course, are the island and the mapper’s fantasy… The map is famous for its beautiful caves, atmospheric monuments, and evergreen forests. These unusually beautiful monuments are the main “feature” of the map, which looks like a Paradise on the planet.

Sold By: Gruber


Beautiful landscapes and places to build bases remind players of another planet — located far from the hustle and bustle of rust, the map has lakes where you can relax under the rustle of trees and look at the calm blue sea. The beauty of some of the monuments is 100% determined by the crystal clarity and colorful coral Kingdom. The map consists of many monuments for lootspawn, building bases and just exploring this fantastic world.
– 38к prefabs
Custom monuments:
☣ Floating castle with waterfalls;
☣ Gorge of strange plants;
☣ Dragon canyon;
☣ Glade of the gods;
☣ Underground pedestal;
☣ Ice gorge with an ice wagon;
☣ Roadside monuments;
☣ Hermit camp;
☣ Golden Scorpion;
☣ The skull of a giant;
☣ Underwater laboratory with the ability to build a base;
☣ location from the game Horison;
☣ Bunker Tarkov;
☣ and many small fantastic locations and decorations.

Custom places for building bases:
– Islands with a glass roof;
– forest clearings surrounded by trees;
– azure caves with ornamental trees;
– the project “Turtle”;

Monuments FP:
– Launch Site
– Outpost
– Train Yard
– Sewer Branch
– Water Treatment
– Bandit camp
– Sphere
– Excavator
– Harbor
– Military tunnels
– OilRig
– Fishing Village
– Stables

1 review for Land of fantasy

  1. tommy jensen (verified owner)

    this map is very nice and balanced map, with only 1 elitecrate ffa that can be protected if you put some bots in to guard it (botspawn) also map is perfect for making the bradley go all around the map on the roads with (monument bradley) and off course (custom chinook drops) to control the chinook is a must 🙂

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