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Large Crane Monument


A Large Crane Monument that you can use in addition to your current map, also is compared (loot wise) to the sphere tank + a green card spawn.

Sold By: Lone


Welcome to the totally remastered Crane monument! This is a basic monument comparative to the Sphere Tank. No puzzle, just similar loot to the sphere tank and also a green card spawn in the control room and you can find many crates/barrels lying around.


  • 441 Prefabs in (Total)
    • 40 Infinite render prefabs (structure parts)
    • 401 Non-Infinite render prefabs (smaller parts/decor)
    • 6 Light prefabs
    • 11 Foliage prefabs


  • 3 Normal Crates
  • 4 Green Crates
  • 1 Tool Crate
  • 2 Medical Crates
  • 1 Greencard Spawn Desk (control room)

**Important to know about this monument**
This prefab does not come with the terrain splat/height due to its very large size compared to the spot that’s actually on the ground. All you need is a small flat area and paint ‘building’ topology at the bottom of the crane to prevent trees/bushes from spawning inside of it.


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  • Initial release (September 2nd)

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