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Luminous World

(2 customer reviews)


Custom Rust 4k Map

Sold By: jtedal


Luminous World v.1.0.0 3

February 12, 1947 … Meteorite J20 collided with the planet Earth. People in a hurry began to take out its fragments to the landfill because the radioactive background from it was very large. Our time… The meteorite turned out to be a useful space fossil. Scientists have occupied it and something is constantly being pumped out of it. The remnants of the meteorite still emit radiation but not as much as before. What are these scientists guarding?
Thank you, my dear friend, for reading to the end the nonsense that I wrote above and not closing the page in the middle of the text. The history of the map does not revolve only around a meteorite and there are also monuments that do not relate to this in any way but they are no less interesting. And there’s also a little reference to a great movie ;). The landscape was created in World Creator. I wanted to do something unusual and interesting but at the same time leave everything familiar to the players. I’ve worked on something that won’t inconvenience the players. Most of the terrain is normal terrain familiar to players. There is no perversion in it and everything is normal. Below I have specified custom and standard monuments. Thank you for your attention and good luck!

Size: 4к

Custom monuments:
Custom Harbor (Verf)
Radioactive dump (with NPCs)
Large factory (with NPCs)
Underground cannabis plantations (with caves under construction)
Pit Stop
Meteorite J20
Lost airfield (Standard airfield under the sand + a little customization)
Lagoon in the desert
“Cobalt” U.S.S
Monuments from Facepunch:
Train Yard
Sewer Branch
Power Plant
Bandit camp
Satellite Dish
Oil Rig
Large Oil Rig
P.S. If you want to change the map for yourself / your needs, please contact the author.

2 reviews for Luminous World

  1. James Moore (verified owner)

    This map is dope! All the glowing radiation adds a lot of character to this map. It feels like the map has a cool story behind it for sure! Lots of cool places to slap a base down too

  2. pierre Leveillard (verified owner)

    very nice map, with a lot of details.

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Update: Luminous World 1.0.1

- Fixed a red error related to waterwheel
- Added the updated "Cobalt" U.S.S (What's new about it? Cameras, NPCs, and doors with green, blue, and red cards)
Update: Luminous World 1.0.2
- Added terrain triggers where players were constantly killed
- Removed NPC Spawner that appeared in the air after the Rust update
Update: Luminous World 1.0.3
- Fixed player dips into the ground in some places
- Deleted duplicated NPC Spawner
Update: Luminous World 1.0.5
- Removed 39K duplicates
- IO fixes
- All WheelSwitch were hidden so that players could open the doors with a card
- Fixed some places where players would sink into the ground
- Slightly changed terrain in the bandit camp area
Update: Luminous World 1.0.6
- Fixed roofs
Update: Luminous World 1.0.7
- Added "Fishing Village A/B/C"
Update: Luminous World 1.0.8
- Fix "Sliding Door" in tunnels
Update: Luminous World 1.1.1
- Added "Monument Marker"
- Added tables with a green card on a custom Gas Station"
- Fix minor bugs

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