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Valley of canyons(HDRP Ready)

(9 customer reviews)

A very beautiful map with a multi-level landscape, made from scratch in the program World Creator 2. the map has many interesting ground monuments and underground monuments, as well as interesting places for building. The map size is 4000. The number of prefabs is 40k.

Added a large network Train Tunnels


Sold By: Gruber


Valley of canyons

Custom monuments:

  • ☣ Underground launch pad.
  • ☣ The town of the wild West
  • ☣ Pumping plant.
  • ☣ Borgund
  • ☣ Indian settlement.
  • ☣ Winter village with a sauna.
  • ☣ Sand the old Outpost
  • ☣ Ice quarry cave with the possibility of building on the second level
  • ☣ Custom bridges.
  • ☣ Dam with an underground maze of rooms of the bunker
  • ☣ Cave and a custom space for development

Facepunch Monuments

  • Outpost
  • Train Yard
  • Sewer Branch
  • Power Plant
  • Bandit camp
  • Sphere
  • Excavator
  • Harbor
  • Military tunnels
  • Airfield
  • Stables
  • additional information: This map requires the Rustedit extension for loot and electricity.

You can view the display of some monuments at this link:

Check out more of my work here:

9 reviews for Valley of canyons(HDRP Ready)

  1. nfo.clan (verified owner)


  2. CrazyCro (verified owner)

    My Players LOVE this map. Good Work, Keep em coming !

  3. James Moore (verified owner)

    Canyon living at it’s best! This map is very detailed and has 10/10 topography. Thank you Gruber!

  4. CashDK (verified owner)

    Thank you Gruber for a Superb map.

  5. ladyscana (verified owner)

    Players on our Server go nuts about this map 😀 . I can’t decide where to build because one place is better than the next one. I Recommend even for higher population server because of that building space =). Thank you !

  6. rbryan79 (verified owner)

    Love this map man, player love it too! Well done! I like how there is hidden features all over the place you have to stumble up on to find. Looking forward to what you come up with next!

  7. tommy jensen (verified owner)

    so cool map, many cool places to build with a liiiitle feeling of hapis 🙂

  8. cody tilley (verified owner)

    This map is awesome!! Every time I turn around there is something new to discover!! Don’t even get me started on the places you can build awesome cave infrastructures and everything! If your thinking about it Do It! You will not be disappointed!!

  9. cody tilley (verified owner)

    I had to come back and give another 5 stars there was a couple places I felt needed scientists and Gruber put them in for me and had the map back to me very quickly great quality maps and customer service give this guy you business! You won’t be disappointed!!

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  • Updated Prepared and patched for the May 6th forcewipe for HDRP (only add this to your maps if you have the HDRP bundles open with Rustedit, otherwise wait until after May 6th)

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Got something to discuss?

Carsten Hansen
1 day 22 hours ago

The station at S18 is not open, but should be. The station at I3 (military tunnels) is open, but shouldn’t be.

1 day 22 hours ago

These are the monuments of the game developers, I can’t edit them. Please update the server and install the latest versions of Oxide and plugins

Carsten Hansen
1 day 21 hours ago

It has been updated. Here’s some screenshots. I can see you put a rock on the station at Airfield, maybe you can do the same thing on Military Tunnels.

1 day 19 hours ago

wow, sorry, I didn’t notice that. Tomorrow I will release an update and recheck all the inputs again