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Nuketown Arena

(2 customer reviews)


Custom arena to use for event servers, based on a Call of Duty map!

Sold By: Lone


Nuketown is by far an iconic map especially in the call of duty community. To introduce it to Rust it excites me to see what type of games/events people will make. I tried to get this map as close to COD as possible with some twists as I’m working with totally different items than COD map makers. This map does have somewhat of nighttime support since there are streetlights, headlights, interior/exterior house lights so it can make a good game regardless of the world time.

Please feel free to message me if you host this on your server and you have people on it! I’d love to join. (Lone#1337).

2 reviews for Nuketown Arena

  1. rbryan79 (verified owner)

    COD fans freak when they find this! This town is tp in and tp out so set town to this location if you have teleporting mod installed. This prefab works great with the “Arena” plugin. Instead of doing a team death match at water treatment why not do it at NukeTown lol.

  2. Liam Presto (verified owner)

    I’ve seen a couple of different nuketowns out there, but this is by far the best one.
    Perfect for an Arena

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  • v3.5 Massive FPS improvement and prefab reduction. -removed a handful of lights -remade the top portion of the school bus reducing 300 prefabs alone -remodeled a lot to reduce prefab count whilst still keep the visuals
  • v3.7 - Fixed invisible roofs, also made a nolights and a lights version for customer's to chose from!