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Rusty Gulag

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Sold By: Holler


Description about project: this project is designed as an arena for 1v1 and based on Call of Duty Warzone Gulag.
If You manage to spot a bug or something missing in this project please contact Lone.Design support or project developer.

1 review for Rusty Gulag

  1. smc (verified owner)

    Very nice 1v1 Arena a lot of people will love for its details!
    Although I do have to say that the description is slightly misleading.
    You won’t get more than 40-50fps on a decent build. (unless you use a whole km^2 on your map, just for this small 1v1 arena lmao)
    i9-9900k – 32GB RAM – 1660S 6GB = 40fps

    You can however just remove the bandit camp fog, and you will boost it to said 70-100fps or even more depending on your build.
    Worth buying nonetheless! c:

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Version 1.0
  • Added Initial release

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