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Power Station


Powerstation mini-monument with a small puzzle.

Sold By: Lone


With the theme of Rust in mind, I bring to you my very own version of a Rust Power Station. The idea for this mini-monument was to include a place where the never-ending powerlines in Rust could actually go to and make sense since they just stop suddenly. Additionally, most of my monuments are medium to large scale and not very small, especially differently themed than Rust. So with this monument, I kept the grunge look of Rust as the main focus while designing it.


Small Puzzle (Disable Teslas preventing you from looting green crate in the flooded area)

End Point for the powerlines on the map (or can easily just be a standalone monument or replace supermarket/mining outpost)

Starter Loot (2 Oil barrels, 6 Barrels, 1 Mine crate, 1 Food Crate, 1 Normal Crate, and 1 Green Crate)

Size: Roughly same size of Super Market


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