Roadside Monuments (Pack 3)


Custom roadside monuments. If you are tired of the usual supermarket, gas station and warehouse, then this is your choice. You can replace standard roadside monuments on your maps.

Sold By: Gruber


A variety of unique roadside mini-monuments that can be swapped out on the current map to bring a uniqueness to your maps that your players will love!


☣ Custom Restaurant (781 prefabs).
– A great monument that won’t leave your players hungry.
☣ Custom Red Rocket Gas Station (706 prefabs).
– A recreated monument from the Fallout game of the same name.
☣ Custom Car Service (640 prefabs).
– If your car breaks down, be sure to go to this monument. Inside the monument you will find a repair pit, lights that can be turned on by a button on the remote control.

All monuments have an starting loot. Green Card, recycler.

– Splat mask
– Height mask
– Topology mask
– Alpha mask

P.S. The file contains installation instructions. Also, for installing this prefab on your map, if you want to change the prefab for yourself / your needs, please contact me.


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