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6 new kinds of airdrops: minicopter, scrapheli, modular car, rowboat, rhib and locked crate! Every kind comes with its own supply signal. Private drops. Fully supports new modular vehicles. Compatible with Server Rewards and Economics. Robust and easy GUI-based config.

Sold By: Nikedemos


In short

This plugin adds several new types of Airdrops and their corresponding Supply Signals. Players can access them including a built-in Vending Machine at Outpost and/or through integration with Server Rewards and Economy . There’s also a built-in command shop. You decide what the individual probabilities/prices/currencies are and the way a dropped vehicle/locked crate is handled before it lands. It can also make Airdrops called by a player with a Supply Signal private – meaning that for a given period of time (you decide, how long, if any!) only the caller and perhaps their teammates will be able to mount/loot the vehicle, allowing for private drops. Dropped vehicles can also come with fuel in it – again, you decide how much, if any! Also, with a clever workaround, it also allows players to buy/sell those custom Signals through their own Vending Machines – even though they’re the same Item with a different skin, the right kind is always sold at the right price! Didn’t know Rust could do that, huh?

Have a look at this short video to get a gist of things.

“AS SEEN ON THE GORDON PROJECT!”, video by Shadowfrax


6 new kinds of custom Airdrops.

Minicopter, scrapheli, modular car, locked crate, rowboat, RHIB.


Every kind of custom drop fully customizable.

Set its price, the fuel and health it comes with, permission needed, the means and chances of obtaining it, or even disable that kind completely to suit the style of your server.

For modular cars, you can also customise probabilities even further. You decide how likely it will be that the car will drop as a 2-module, 3-module or 4-module chassis. The chassis will come with random modules, just like it would normally do in Rust when spawning by the road. For the vehicle engine(s), you can decide the likelihood of spawning with components already inside (and you decide the probabilty of that component being high, medium or low quality – or, no component at all for particular slot). It’s all down to the probabilities you choose!

By default, all dropped modular cars will have the fuel and necessary components (of random quality, according to config) already inside – the car is good to drive as soon as it lands!

Ass an added bonus, all the fuel, health, module and engine component settings can also be applied to vehicles spawning naturally (like cars by the side of the road – meaning that if you choose so, you can make vehicles like modular cars, minicopters and rowboats spawn naturally using the same fuel/health/component settings, for that particular kind of drop.

Cargo Plane events and loot crates have a chance of spawning custom drop/Supply Signal.

You can define your own chance of a normal drop/signal turning into a custom kind. For every kind, you can also the random weight associated with it (i.e. how likely it is that a custom drop will be of that kind, compared to other drop weights). No more boats dropped on dry land! If you want, you can also disable those features completely and rely on built-in chat command shop or your own shop plugin.

Dedicated Vending Machine for selling Supply Signals (OPTIONAL).


By default, located at the Outpost, but any position can be defined. Choose the currency, prices, how often it re-stocks along with the amounts, disable individual kinds or even disable the whole feature all together.
Players can also sell different kinds of supply drops in their own vending machines with no problems (and you thought selling same item, but with different skins/prices, in the same vending machine, was impossible?)

Private Supply Signal drops (OPTIONAL).

You can make Supply Signal drops available to mount/loot only by the player (and optionally, also their teammates) who called the drop, for a limited amount of time after landing. You can choose how long the grace period is, or disable that feature completely. After the grace period, any player will be able to access it (you can configure the period too!)

In-game signal shop with Full ServerRewards and Economics integration.


Everything configurable through a clear, color-coded GUI.

Good news for server admins. No need to type hundred of chat commands till you find the one option you’re looking for  You see a feature you want to change, you will instantly know how that will affect things. You can change almost anything about the way custom signals/drops are handled – disable and enable the ways they’re bought/spawned, change the prices/chances of spawning, enable and disable particular kinds of drops, change the speed at which they fall, change the damage settings for falling drops and many, many more. All the configuration options are detailed in the docs the plugin comes with. Just type /vagui in the chat and take it from there!


I’m not going to speak legalese here. It’s going to be short and to the point. By purchasing Vehicle Airdrops you hereby agree to these conditions:

  • If something goes wrong with your server (not that it will!) while using this plugin, you will not hold Nikedemos responsible. You use the plugin at your own risk. Always make sure you make backup copies before experimenting with anything.
  • You are granted a license to use the plugin on up to 6 servers at time. You have to be the owner or co-owner of those servers. This license will never expire. When the plugin gets updated, every license owner is entitled to an update.
  • You will not distribute this plugin in any shape or form – not on forums, social media, not to your friends, not to other server owners nor other plugin developers. Making plugins takes time and effort and I really appreciate respecting plugin developers by not stealing their work. The only way to legally own and use Vehicle Airdrops on a server you own is to purchase a license. If you’re not a permanent co-owner on a particular server (that has been participating in the server costs/revenue), you can’t deploy the plugin there, even if you’re friends with the owner. They have to purchase a separate license.

What’s new in 1.0.2?

  • Fixed normal supply signals not being able to be sold through /vabuy. Thanks for being the first person who spotted and reported the issue since the plugin release, uGamers!
  • Fixed the plane height. Because of a stupid typo, the plane height was SUBTRACTED from the terrain’s highest point instead of being ADDED. Thus, the higher the plane was supposed to be, the lower it ended up being – even under the terrain! Thanks, Big Easy! It means that you will most likely have to correct your current plane height to reflect the new changes. Sorry about that!
  • Fixed wrong value being displayed on one of the GUI buttons (it was opposite of what it was supposed to be!). Thanks again, Big Easy!
  • Added an option in the config to use a 3rd party stacking plugin, like Stack Size Controller/Stacks Extended. If enabled, the plugin won’t do any stack splitting fixes, that will be, presumably, handled by that other plugin.
  • Added chat messages with a custom chat icon ID, currently only used to announce drops to players. Can be disabled if you don’t want the plugin to display any messages to players in the chat.
  • Now the Crate timer is completely customisable (it will display 15:00 until the counting starts though – then, it will keep displaying the right value). It will only affect locked crates from custom drops, not the normal Chinook ones.
  • Added a console command: signal_give [STEAM ID 64] [SIGNAL_KIND] [AMOUNT]. If you have a plugin that “sells” commands, it’s just the feature you might’ve been missing!
  • For all newly added features, look at the bottom of your config file! Now that there’s 6 new config things since 1.0.0, I might want to create another GUI page for all of those next release.
  • Various fixes and minor improvements

What’s new in 1.0.1?

Look in the “Version History” tab above!


  • Hooks and API methods for plugin developers (let me know what you might need, if it makes sense, I’ll add a method/hook for it!)
  • Extra settings for locked crates (hacking timer settings, custom loot tables, perhaps with 3rd party loot manager plugins support? Let me know what you’d like to see!)
  • PVP drops/signals (airstrike, booby trap, bradley, attack helicopter, chinook heavies)

10 reviews for Vehicle Airdrops

  1. erikhoward30 (verified owner)

    Super cool plugin and extremely user friendly! 10/10 worth every cent

  2. slayersrust (verified owner)

    One of the best designed Rust Plugins I’ve ever seen! The in-game GUI only took me a few Minutes without reading any documentation to figure everything out. I love how easy it was to setup and jump back in to make any changes. My players really love this plugin, the Outpost vending Machine was a super cool addition. I’d definitely recommend this to add some spice to your server!

  3. Rusticity Organization (verified owner)

    Works great. Would really love to see the ability to call in a ridable horse.

  4. zig (verified owner)

    Its a really fantastic plugin that players like. The developer is a great guy aswell. I really recommend this plugin if you whant something new and unique on the server!

  5. Jason Cox (verified owner)

    Watched the development of this Love it just can’t find the GUI

  6. Naveen Narra (verified owner)

    This plugin is incredible! Not only does it introduce a whole new set of airdrops, the GUI to edit plugin variables is something I’ve never seen before! This is a must have!

  7. b.vleminckx (verified owner)

    Nice plugin, works great. Loot table manager would be a nice addon.

  8. Big Easy (verified owner)

    Absolutely love this plugin so far, Nikedemos has done an awesome job with this, and was very helpful with a few questions, appreciate the effort!

  9. uGamers (verified owner)

    Crazy how well this plugin is built and support is great as well look forward to more plugins by you Nikedemos.

  10. cullentierney (verified owner)

    Great plugin. Exactly what I need. Support A++++

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