Rust Map Markers Can Do MUCH More!

Rust Map Markers Can Do MUCH More!

Rust Monument/Map Markers

A few months back Facepunch released the usage for custom Rust map makers to utilize a prefab called the ‘monument marker’ which allows creators to label their custom monuments or locations on their maps which is entirely game-changing for custom maps and the usability for them. I also made a short video on how to add these to your maps as well (How to add map markers to your maps). With that said, you can use these markers to achieve several more features for your custom maps that you may not have already known. Let’s get started!

Note: For this guide, you will need to unlock all prefabs for your Rustedit bundles. I made a super simple guide here! (How to unlock all Prefabs in Rustedit)


Nearly all Unicode symbols are available to use within the monument marker options to display. However, there may a handful that do not display in-game and some may not even display on the map from within Rustedit, so this may require a bit of trial and error depending on how wild you plan to go. Here’s a useful site that lists a good deal, if not all, of the available symbols to try.

Example Symbols

  • ®

These symbols for example could be used to mark key places on your map that maybe you want to be slightly more discrete or smaller in size.

RustClient pQ0nETbCRu rust

Custom Font Size + More

Custom font size is my personal favorite! With this, you can easily add main titles on your map, credits, include a rules list, and much more! Here’s an example from our Project Nova Wild West Map! Just be aware the Rustedit text input field is limited to ~40 characters which will also include the size variable characters.

Copy and Paste and modify as needed!

  • <size=70>Large Text</size>
  • <size=50>Medium</size>
  • <size=20>Default Size</size>

You can also use other formats such as the ones below

  • <i>Italicized</i>
  • <b>For bold text</b>
  • <color=red>For Red Text</color>

RustClient 2EiJFTaKSg rust

RustClient wp9H17Df28 rust

Marked Bridges

Currently, on maps with custom bridges, they do not display on the map, however, we’re about to change that! Using the “*” symbol on an individual monument marker you can place one every 5m in a straight line to achieve a black road (bridge) such as the image below! Be mindful that too much of anything can be bad for performance so don’t go too crazy with it.

RustEdit HAzopCJCF5 rustrust


As mentioned above, Rustedit does have a limit as to how many characters can go into the text input of the Monument Marker prefab which is roughly ~40 so. Additionally performance, with anything as also mentioned, too much text on the map may cause issues for the server or players. So don’t go too wild with your characters on the map.

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