The Ultimate Guide to Rust Server Admin Commands

The Ultimate Guide to Rust Server Admin Commands: Boost Your Server Management Skills Today

As a Rust server admin or owner, having a solid grasp of the essential admin commands and/or keybinds is crucial for efficiently managing your server. This comprehensive guide covers a range of useful commands that can help you to better navigate the game and enhance your server management experience. Although the keybinds featured in this article are dedicated to the numpad, you can customize them to suit your preferences or even run the commands in the console if you don’t have a keybind available. Let’s dive in!

Client Console F1 Commands Description
bind KEY layer.toggle World;layer.toggle Terrain;layer.toggle Tree;layer.toggle Construction;layer.toggle Clutter” Enhance Visibility with the Asset Toggle Command
bind KEY ent unlock Unlock CodeLocks and KeyLocks
bind KEY ent lock Lock CodeLocks and KeyLocks
bind KEY ent who Identify Entity Ownership
bind KEY ent auth View Authorization on Entities
bind KEY teleport2marker Fast Travel with Teleport Commands
bind KEY teleportlos Teleport Across an Area
bind KEY debug.ambientvolumestoggle “False” Improve Cave Visibility
bind KEY admintime 12 Control Time as an Admin (Set to Daytime)
bind KEY admintime -1 Revert Back to Server’s Normal Time


Armed with these powerful Rust server admin commands, you can now efficiently manage your server and enhance your gaming experience. Customize the keybinds to your liking and enjoy the added control and convenience these commands provide.

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