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Modded Servers and Why They Are Crucial to Rust

Modded Servers and Why They Are Crucial to Rust

Modded servers, despite what some may seem to think, play a very critical role in keeping Rust at such a high-quality game. Facepunch’s allowing customizable, modded servers has opened so many doors for the community to shape the game to reflect what they want to see or how they want to play the game.

Check out this recent video from ShadowFrax featuring some key plugins that have vastly changed the game within the modded community!

Without these modded servers, the massive player base that Rust currently has would be stuck playing on a much smaller number of servers, leading to queue times to even get into a server.

What is Oxide and Why It’s Important for Modded Servers?

The heart and soul of these modded servers is Oxide; Oxide provides the skeleton for the modding community, as Oxide is required to run the plugins that make modded servers what they are today. All of the most common plugins that we as a community knows and love, including Loot++, Skinbox, and even the beloved Admin-sided plugins, such as Radar and Vanish, all rely on Oxide to run. While configuring these plugins can be extremely taunting, a cherished member of the Rust community, srtBull, has created a wonderful YouTube channel (Rust Admin Academy) that explains the usage of plugins and even shows how to properly configure these plugins.

Oxide (The Framework for Modified Servers) is running on roughly 72% of servers within Rust (Information from Facepunch directly). Even Community and even Official servers can utilize this framework to run helpful admin commands as mentioned above. Without Oxide, or other customized modding frameworks managing a Rust server can be quite challenging in regards to moderating players, and standing out from the rest of the crowd. Read more about Oxide(Umod) framework here!

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