Cooking 2.0


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Spice up your server and make chefs of your players with cooking 2.0.

All 91 new ingredients can be acquired from 33 different sources, and are used in the creation of some more than 90 delicious (and not so delicious) meals.

These meals offer the consumer 1 of 48 different buffs, including invisibility,  no-fall damage,  food share and may more.

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Role Play Bundle


Stimulate player interaction and add another level to your RP/PVE server with Professions by adding 7 different crafting and gathering professions to the game.


The DeployableNature plugin allows users to find and/or purchase items that can be used to decorate and make their bases truly unique.

This fully customizable plugin adds deployable rocks, trees and bushes into your server in the form of items, which are obtained by mining nodes, chopping trees, collecting plants or can be purchased from the nature store.

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