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Plugin adds a system of 11 different skills

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  • Beautiful user interface
  • Universality (plugin working with different economic plugins)
  • Customization (all interface you can set up in configuration)
  • Perfomance



skills open interface

giveallskills name/steamid give the player every skills at the maximum stage

giveskill name/steamid [SkillType] [Stage] give the player the skill with the stage


Skills Types

  • Wood
  • Stones
  • Metal
  • Sulfur
  • Attack
  • Secure
  • Regeneration
  • Metabolism
  • ComponentsRates
  • StandUpChance
  • CraftSpeed






4 reviews for Skills

  1. Pascal Otten (verified owner)

    nice and easy to setup plugin.
    it’s a must-have for a roleplay server

  2. razitup577 (verified owner)

    Players are really enjoying this. I just have one issue with crafting speed does not seem to be working.

  3. nguyen viet linh (verified owner)

    good plugin , but no have update cose when buy lv2 in game .
    “1”: {
    “Cost”: 10000.,
    2″: {
    “Cost”: 1000.0,
    but whenbuy lv 2 in game, only show 10.000

  4. Ben Hathaway (verified owner)

    Awesome Plugin, Awesome Interface, Easy to setup and use.

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1.7.0 Fixing the increase in the components in barrels1.6.0 Added the possibility to add a currency icon1.5.0 Fix of the economy

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