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Merged Outpost/ Bandit camp

(2 customer reviews)

Fully recreated outpost with all of the shops and airwolf from bandit camp


Sold By: CollapsedOrange


Updated for HDRP

Prefabs: 1899

This is a fully recreated compound with a bunch of additions including all the features from the bandit camp.

– All original features of the compound
– All vending machines from the bandit camp
– A custom casino with the gambling wheel, slot machines, card games and bar
– Drone marketplace
– A garage with a vehicle lift
– Airwolf vendor
– Stables with vendor
– 5 recyclers
– 3 repair benches
– 1 refinery
– 6 slot machines
– 1 Gambling wheel
– 2 Card game tables
– 1 Vehicle lift
– Bandit camp NPCs
and a few extra sentry turrets

2 reviews for Merged Outpost/ Bandit camp

  1. Quinn Beauchesne (verified owner)

    Very good outpost prefab, I love how you pretty much rebuilt outpost by each part and added cool features, would definitely recommend and is the best safezone combo.

  2. Mantas Venckus (verified owner)

    Looks pretty cool just i had to edit and add train entrance

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Version 1.0.6
  • Updated To HDRP
  • Fixed Missing sewer door
  • Added A few extra additions
  • Updated Entrance layout for the subway station

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Got something to discuss?

Archie Allan
3 months 23 hours ago

hey when will this be updated for HDRP?

3 months 7 hours ago

Its already been updated, there are 2 versions in the download, current and HDRP

Archie Allan
2 months 30 days ago

my bad, thanks for the quick response!

Lana Odin1
2 months 7 days ago

Outpost Timer is not showing when someone attacks in safezone sphere, anyway to fix this?

Also, can you purchase horses in outpost or only horse gear?

2 months 7 days ago

Unfortunately, the timer is a rust bug, it will hopefully be fixed soon.
To get a horse all you have to do is buy a saddle, then hold E on a horse and select claim

alexander benish
2 months 7 days ago

hey i am still very new to rust edit. where do i put the stables vendor file. i cant seem to get he vendor to work right on the server. other than that i love this prefab

How do I host this .zip/.7z file I just purchased on my server?

• First, you want to unzip the file. You can do so by just double-clicking it to open, then drag the contents to the desired location (you may need to install an external unzipping software if you don’t already have one)
• Next you will find either a structure of folders or just the .prefab files (it’s the important ones).
• You can then open your map via Rustedit (How to install Rustedit)
• Then install those .prefab files into your …/rustedit/CustomPrefabs folder
• Launch Rustedit and open your map and within the ‘Prefabs’ list you should see the new prefab/monument you downloaded once you search its name

Additionally, here’s a great video that easily covers adding monuments/prefabs to maps of your own!