Hot mountain

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The name of the map speaks for itself. The main attraction of this map is not extinct lava from a dead volcano.


Sold By: Gruber


With the help of world Creator, a beautiful and multi-level landscape is made. The map contains a sufficient number of custom monuments and places for construction. The map size is 4000, the total number of objects is 34k. Added some weather effects and redesigned some of the standard monuments.

Custom Monuments:

☣ A flooded laboratory. (For full research, you will need scuba gear).

☣ Abandoned metro stations (a large underground monument with a lot of loot).

☣ Modified junkyard

☣ Huge bridge across the Bay with a pedestrian glass crosswalk.

☣ Modified airfield

☣ Ice canyons with excellent farm resources

☣ Territory of the Stalker bar

☣ The camp of the hermits

☣ Underground Parking with an underground labyrinth of bunkers and caves for the construction

☣ Waterfall

☣ And most importantly just a beautiful landscape

2 reviews for Hot mountain

  1. slayersrust (verified owner)

    This map is on another level! It is super epic, tons of great added custom monuments with a ton of familiar yet altered regular monuments! Tons of detail and work went into this map!

  2. paul.rainer (verified owner)

    This map is probably one of the best rust maps i have ever seen.
    I bought this map as soon as i seen it and added it to my x5 server.
    My community absolutley loved it, great building spots, great farming areas and beautiful unique monuments aswell.
    Lots of attention was paid to all the little details and it truely shows.
    This map is a must have if you want the best custom map for your rust server.
    This was my first foray into custom maps and i was not disappointed at all.

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