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Hope Valley

(3 customer reviews)


Fully custom 3600 map size custom map

Sold By: Lone


Welcome to Hope Valley

This multi-era, multi-themed map comprises a large majority of my custom monuments/structures to bring a new aspect to Rust and new things to explore! This map is unlike any other in regards to it’s fully custom from the ground up (with the exception of a few FP monuments since kids would cry had it not include them). The terrain was detailed/sculpted in World Creator which makes typology/splat much more accurate and less to no bugs with anything typology/terrain-related. However, this is a brand new map so there may be bugs, no worries though! Just join my Discord and I’ll squash them quite quick!



Prefab Count: 57355

  • Custom Monument CCTV Camera Codes
    • NEEDLE1
    • BRIDGE1
    • RIESE1
    • SUB1
    • SUB2
    • BUNKER1
  • Space Needle Monument (1 fuse)
    • Better Starter loot, however, it will be a high traffic area
  • Custom Town Square
    • Medical Center with puzzles/NPC’s
    • Bank with a vault room (red card tunnel to break into it)
    • Bleach it Laundromat (Clothes Vending machine)
    • The Orange Chicken (Food Vending machine)
    • Super Market with a recycler
    • Power Station (more starter loot)
  • XL Bandit Camp
    • Additional homes with more loot and NPCs
    • Redneck/Bandit shooting range
  • Medieval Town
    • Starter Loot
    • Bow aim train range
  • Custom Rust Themed Bridge in the Valley
    • Starter Loot at the top with 1 scientist
  • Project Riese Bunker
    • Larger Undergrown monument
    • Difficult Multi-Tiered puzzle
    • Starter/Mid/Later wipe loot depending on cards/weapons you bring
  • The Great Pyramid
    • Difficult Multi-Tiered & Multi-Player required Monument
    • Starter/Mid/Late wipe loot depending on red card and having a partner
  • Submarine at Harbor
    • Starter/Mid Tier loot has a blue card room
  • Dooms Day Bunker
    • Smaller underground monument
    • Starter Loot
    • Hidden door to main loot room
  • Slightly Modified Launch to Include an extra SAM site on the back to prevent Heli exploit quick looting
  • Custom Ring Road to bring a fun time once vehicles are released
  • Small little easter eggs are hidden amongst most of my custom monuments which some are just decor, but some include more loot.
Extra Info:

This map does require the Rustedit Extension for Electricity/NPCs/etc to function

This map does require the custom plugin for the Space Needle Elevator to function which is provided with the download

This map does include a few prefabs which do throw a couple debug commands due to how the prefab was programmed by FacePunch, such as the Chocolate egg which was used in a few place. These startup lines when your server boots up don’t affect anything and are merely just debug related. Just no way for me to hide them.

3 reviews for Hope Valley

  1. James Moore (verified owner)


  2. jens vancraywinkel (verified owner)

    The players like it! so do i 😉

  3. MICHAEL BRETT (verified owner)

    awesome map keep up the good work :]

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  • v50 - adjusted sea forts from recent FP update making a part look goofy also fixed mining outpost not respawning loot correct
  • v52 - Updated with the latest version of 1HP medical center/Space needle. Reduced map prefab count by 4k and increased FPS!
  • v53 - Fixed with new roof's since face punch added new models for them.
  • v54 - Reduced roughly 3k prefabs, removed manually placed trees and used proper topology instead, also added 3 fishing monuments for your players to buy boats from
  • v55 - Fixed Tesla coils on Pyramid/Project Riese. Also Slightly fixed spawn points to not spawn in the shallow bits of water and moreso on the sand via topology adjustments
  • v57 - Horse Stables/Balancing
    • Added 2 Horse Stable Monuments on the map!
    • Better balanced the topology layers on the map for better resource spawns
  • v59 - Map Markers
    • Added custom map markers since facepunch just added those for Thusday's update

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