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Kewl Gardens

(3 customer reviews)


Kewl Gardens is the first public release from Who is Mike Jones?, and was created to compliment smaller monuments such as the Supermarket and Gas Station.

Sold By: Who is Mike Jones?


This monument features 1 food box, 1 food crate, 2 basic crates, 2 normal crates, 1 military crate, 1 toolbox, and a vending machine featuring all newly added farming items and seeds. Kewl Gardens can be placed directly off the main road or tucked away nicely in the forest. This monument currently sits at 1628 prefabs and includes all needed invisible colliders and building blocked zones. This monument includes a custom vending profile to allow your players to enjoy a unique shopping experience.

3 reviews for Kewl Gardens

  1. wanderbread (verified owner)

    I love the detail. 10/10

  2. James Moore (verified owner)

    Great greenhouses, perfect prefab for any plant enthusiast!

  3. rob.murphy71 (verified owner)

    Purely decorative. Planters can’t be used by players. Loot spawns ok but what a waste of an opportunity?

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