Minicopter Combat


Minicopter combat provides server owners with completely customizable weapon configurations that can be used on both the minicopter and scrapcopters.

Sold By: Karuza


Minicopter Combat adds a sophisticated weapon system to not only the minicopters, but scrapcopters as well. The plugin allows server owners to build and define their own weapon configurations where they can change anything from the muzzle effects when the projectiles are fired to the type of damage they do, including heat seeking rockets and working counter measures.

Preset Controls:

  • Switch Weapons: Middle Mouse Button
  • Fire Primary: Left Mouse Button
  • Fire Secondary: Right Mouse Button
  • Fire Flares: E

Note, these controls can be configured.

Each weapon configuration can be enabled/disabled by user by setting the require permission in the configuration for that weapon setup. Additionally, you can remove the permission restriction and completely and allow players to have access to all active weapon settings.

MinicopterCombatMinicopterShooting 1.1.1MinicopterHSR 1.1.1


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  • 01.00.00 - Initial
  • 01.00.01 - 5/25/2020
    • Fix for disabling server gibs also applying to Bradley