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The Storage Monument

Medium-sized storage monument for your custom map server needs!

  • Monument Size: Slightly larger than Sewer Branch
  • Prefab Count: ~3500

Required Dependencies


Sold By: Lone


The Storage Monument

Loot: Tier 1-2

Amongst this monument, you will find a handful of NPC patrol guards roaming the paths. Additionally, you will find several nooks and crannies where loot will be stored! This is a great monument to replace a current monument with, or add on your map since it has tons of little spots for people to hide and get good pvp action!

Prefab Count : 3,751  ~3500 Prefabs (2/27/2021)

Low impact on performance


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Version v3
  • Fixed something happened with previous version. Reuploaded and now the monument fully shows up in Rustedit :)

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