Monument Bradley

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Spawn Bradly at some monuments, even custom ones.

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Bradley V1.1.2 Is Out And Ready to Run delete old config and path data files.

Bradley V1.1.5 Is Also Out.

Spawn Bradly at some monuments.
Current monuments supported are. Airfield, Trainyard, and WaterTreatment.
You can create custom paths for custom monuments with the path tool.

Permissions needed bradley.admin

Chat Commands.

  • /bradley activate // activated the controller tool for creating a path.
  • /bradley deactivate // deactivated the controller tool for creating a path.
  • /bradley new <PathName> // activate creating a new path use the USE key to set path points at your location
  • /bradley edit <PathName> // edit the path to add more paths..
  • /bradley move <pathName> <PathNumber> // moves the path number to your position..
  • /bradley delete <pathName> // deletes the path.
  • /bradley health <pathName> <newHealth> // set Bradley start health default 1000, 0 to disable change.

When you add a path or edit a path it will show the PathNumbers and locations.
once you are done creating a path and deactivated your controller reload the plugin and Bradley should spawn on your path.

if you press the use key at the same point it will add 10 second stop to Bradley per press up to 60 seconds.
if you press the reload key it will modify Bradley’s speed. Note the speed will remain the same as set for each path set after.


4 reviews for Monument Bradley

  1. James Moore (verified owner)

    Very good plug-in!

  2. Michael Beck (verified owner)

    Absolute necessity for custom map servers. I would have easily paid more for this

  3. rsmith82 (verified owner)

    So easy to use and very cool. Love this

  4. aaron.aardman (verified owner)

    Best to use on custom servers just dont go overboard

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  • V1.1.5 Fix error on pathback Delayed Bradley spawn by 4 seconds on load.
  • V1.1.4 Bradley will ignore sleeper after 10 seconds if he can not kill them.
  • V1.1.3 Speed fix on hills.
  • V1.1.2 Added new path options stop/speed.
  • V1.0.9  Made Bradley destroy barrels, trees, and nodes he runs over.
  • V1.0.8  Added some null checks to path making.
  • V1.0.7 Delete config More options added.
Added in some new config options. Also made Bradley turn his cannon to follow the path direction when moving. Please delete config to get the new config options.    

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