Oregon: Land of Dead

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I present to your attention a very detailed map, on which I worked for about 2 months, I invested a lot of effort and a lot of time in it, the creation of such a map was facilitated by the game ” Days Gone”, on it you will find a large number of custom monuments with excellent detail. The number of monuments is 85k, but this does not affect the performance of this map with a size of 4000. The terrain is completely made in the World Creator 2 program. Attention, the map connects the ground network of railway tracks with underground tunnels. There are several plugins included with the map, 2 plugins (Oregon) are not required for installation, but they complement the map very much, they have a large configuration that you can configure for your server yourself.

This map is constantly supported and updated for the current version of the game with all updates!


Sold By: Gruber


Oregon: Land of Dead

Oregon is a state in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States of America. On this map, it is an island of size 4000. Oregon has an incredibly diverse landscape, with forests, deserts, lakes, mountains and cities. Oregon is home to some of the rarest genera of flowers on the planet. These plants were used for the virus that consumed this world and most people turned into zombies. Also, these plants contributed to the production of injections (injection plugin from KpuctaJl). On the map you will find the laboratories of NERO (a zombie plugin from KpuctaJl), in which you can find super drugs for temporary improvement of their characteristics. Also on the map you will meet many predatory species, such as bears, martens, wild boars and wolves (which were considered extinct in Oregon before the outbreak of Freaks). Wild deer are also common. Oregon has a diverse climate, with very hot, dry summers and cold winters. Frequent rains. A huge variety of custom monuments, from cities to atmospheric villages. There is a second tank on the dam.

Attention: The TrainRustEdit plugin has been updated. Now it should not create problems with other plugins related to work carts. Be sure to install plugins from the map kit with the replacement of existing ones.

This map is constantly supported and updated for the current version of the game with all updates!

How can I view the map?

You can do this in our Discord server by submitting a request for an invitation to our servers. There you will be given the rights of an “administrator” and without any difficulties you will be able to fly around the map and fully familiarize yourself with it.

Discord Server: https://discord.gg/UpUXuxs4Vx

Custom Monument:
☣Marion Forks (City)
☣Camp Sherman (City)
☣Lost Lake(City)
☣Celdera Hydro Project (Dam)
☣Army Base
☣Oil Desert
☣Horse Lake
☣Proxy Falls
☣Crater Lake
☣Dead Gorge
☣O.Leary Mountain
☣Teller Cabin
☣Radio Tower Camp
☣Burnt Mountain
☣Scientific Base
☣Red Rocket
☣Water Channel
☣Entrance Metro
☣Underground Military Tunnel

Monument Facepunch:
– Launch Site
– Outpost
– Junkyard
– Harbor
– Bandit Camp
– Sewer Branch
– Lighthouse
– Fishing Village
– Ranch
– The Dome
– Satellite Dish
– Quarry
– Roadsite Monument
– Underground Tunnels
– Underwater Lab

Required Dependencies: https://github.com/k1lly0u/Oxide.Ext.RustEdit

A short video about the included plugins

8 reviews for Oregon: Land of Dead

  1. hav0c (verified owner)

    Very nice map, included plugins compliment it nicely!

  2. Connor RK800 (verified owner)

    Very nice map

  3. Riley Longman (verified owner)

    One of the best maps I’ve ever seen. Extremely well detailed, amazing custom monuments and POI’s, and tons of crazy great features like the railway that goes above and below ground. This map evolves the typical Rust experience in many ways, can’t wait to see if fully played on.

  4. Patrick Hustedt (verified owner)

    Eine super Karte hat der Mann erstellt einfach zauberhaft es gibt viel zu erkunden und es ist noch lange nicht alles entdeckt super Arbeit bitte mehr davon

  5. tom2 (verified owner)

    great looking map, loads of new places for your players to explore and puzzels to do

  6. Ben (verified owner)

    Not only is this map 10/10 but the support Gruber gave me (total noob) was awesome. I will continue to support you!!!

  7. BetterDeadThanZed (verified owner)

    Anyone that has spent more than 5 minutes on this site know the Gruber is one of the top map developers. I bought this map to be used on my server on the next wipe. I found a problem with the map and reported it to Gruber. He let me onto his server so I could show him where this problem was. He found the issue and immediately put out a fix for it.

    That’s the kind of customer service you can expect from him. A+ map, looking forward to running more of his maps on my server each month!

    • Gruber

      Thank you so much for your feedback on finding this bug.

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Version 1.0.9
  • 4 months ago Fixed Removed a rouge prefab causing vehicles to react in strange ways.
Version 1.0.8
  • 4 months ago Fixed Fixed spam errors in the console from underwater NPCs
  • 4 months ago Fixed Fixed the spawn of red cards
  • 4 months ago Fixed Fixed a failure in the tunnel.
Version 1.0.4
  • 4 months ago Updated Underwater Update
  • 4 months ago Added A small plugin has been added to eliminate errors related to the NPS of underwater laboratories
Version 1.0.22
  • 5 days ago Fixed Fixed FPS drop near Halder hydroelectric station
  • 5 days ago Updated Updated the TrainRustEdit plugin. Now it should not create problems with other plugins related to work carts. Be sure to install this plugin instead of the old one
Version 1.0.20
  • 3 weeks ago Added Added monument desert base
Version 1.0.2
  • 4 months ago Fixed Fixed the metro branch
Version 1.0.18
  • 1 month ago Updated Oil rigs moved closer to the island
Version 1.0.17
  • 2 months ago Fixed Fixed bugs with rocks and terrain. Fixed the invisibility of the red card in the camp of scientists.
Version 1.0.16
  • 3 months ago Fixed Fixed the alpha mask at the Gas station
  • 3 months ago Fixed Replaced shelves on the dam
  • 3 months ago Fixed Added a floor on the main building of Camp Sherman
Version 1.0.14
  • 3 months ago Fixed Fixed the alpha mask at the entrances to the metro
  • 3 months ago Updated Updated the tank path
Version 1.0.13
  • 3 months ago Fixed Fixed a bug with stones at the tower in the square Y Z-10
  • 3 months ago Updated Updated the tank path
Version 1.0.12
  • 3 months ago Fixed Fixed some bugs sent by feedback, fixed Bradley's path, and so on
Version 1.0.11
  • 4 months ago Fixed Fixed some bugs with stones
  • 4 months ago Fixed Fixed spawns of red cards, removed their duplicates

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Got something to discuss?

3 months 30 days ago

Great Job on the map Gruber! Especially love the use of vehicles with a backstory.

3 months 30 days ago


3 months 22 days ago

having problems installing maps, not sure if its due to the new underwater updates

3 months 22 days ago

any help would be great

3 months 21 days ago

Hello, please write to our Mad mapers group in discord, a person under the nickname Jtedal. I’m on the road, I will be on August 10

3 months 21 days ago

Exploit on map near lost lake with generators. Players can fill inventory with them and recycle.

3 months 20 days ago

Install please rust edit dll

paula chamberlin
2 months 22 days ago

does this actually have zombie NPC’s?

2 months 22 days ago

Yes, there are in some towns. Also, 4 NERO laboratories have them spawned when using the red card with a plugin

2 months 15 days ago

Do you have a clip on how to install this, so people that want to buy it can easily do so? i want to get it but i want to know how to get it all running before buying as this will cost me $70.00 because im in Aus so i need to know its worth it and that i can get it running.

1 month 20 days ago

You can join our discord and log in to our server. Sorry for the long answer

1 month 20 days ago

How do we populate the New custom monuments with zombies or increase the population?

1 month 20 days ago

Most administrators use the Bot Spawn plugin, it has a lot of settings. There are zombies on the server, but they have no settings

1 month 20 days ago

oh alright, yeah im using the botspawn thank you for getting back to me as fast as you did.

Drew Gilkey
26 days 19 hours ago

Hey Gruber, Off subject but any recommendations for someone looking to get into map making? Cant help but say your maps are inspiring. Going to be running this map on my server come November!

26 days 18 hours ago

Hi, yes, thank you, you can watch some tutorial videos on the Lone channel.

14 days 19 hours ago

Cruber, i still have issues with very low fps on the map at the one monument. Created another server and tested it again with the same results Oxide is updated to v2.0.5264, Oxide.Ext.RustEdit.dll and the map protection CS file is installed. Any way i can disable the fog on the mountain? not sure if this is the issue. Issue started just after the last Facepunch update and is only on one location.

14 days 17 hours ago

deleted the monument and that cleared the issue (Caldera Hydro Project) still not sure why, but even the server have a 100FPS drop with the monument on the map.

How do I host this .zip/.7z file I just purchased on my server?

• First, you want to unzip the file. You can do so by just double-clicking it to open, then drag the contents to the desired location (you may need to install an external unzipping software if you don’t already have one)
• Next you will find either a structure of folders or just the .map file itself (it’s the important one).
• Once the .map is uploaded to dropbox simply copy the share link attached to it.
• You will first start off by uploading the .map file to an online hosting provider, I’ll include dropbox since it’s easy to get started with.
• Once you’ve copied the link paste it into your server’s startup .bat (batch) file. (You can leave the worldsize/seed. Custom maps override proc gen parameters)
• Example “levelurl “https:// www dropbox dot com/s/sdfagbragae/testmapname.map?dl=1”
• Make SURE the dl=0 at the end is changed to dl=1 otherwise players won’t be able to join!
• Now just start your server and it’ll boot right up! Below I’ll attach a video that goes more in-depth on hosting custom maps vs proc gen maps since it’s a tad different

Additionally, here’s a great video that easily covers hosting a custom map for the first time if you need it! https://youtu.be/y9vNvOIPyVM

• Installation is not included with any products on the site, however, if needed we may assist if you reach out to our support.
• If the product contains a plugin file (.cs) it’s advised to have it installed prior to booting your server with the map you purchased