Power Plant Event
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Power Plant Event

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It’s an Event in the Power Plant location


Sold By: KpucTaJl


Power Plant Event

It’s an Event in the Power Plant location


The event begins with a chat warning: soon CH47 will get new crates with items for scientists to the Power Plant location.
When the time is up, the NPCs guarding this location will appear in the Power Plant zone. Then a water barrel will appear on the top of the central building. A CH47 will fly to this location to get new crates with items.
When the CH47 arrives in the Event zone, it will fail to control and crash in a cooling tower of the power plant. All the crates from the CH47 will be on the top of the cooling tower. But they will be in the fire. You need put out the fire to get access to the crates.
It is necessary to activate a fire system to put out the fire. A fire system is on the top of the central building. So a Workcart will arrive to the Event area to bring a barrel of water. You need move this water from the Workcart to the empty barrel on the top of the central building. As soon as you do this, you will be able to start the fire system by pressing a button.
When the fire system has activated, the fire in the cooling tower will be out. You will be able to access the crates in the cooling tower.
There is a camera in the location for viewing the event.
When an event appears, a marker will display on the map (it can set up in the configuration file).
All players in the event area have a timer with countdown to the end of the event

Dependencies Required

  • NpcSpawn – available in included ReadMe

Dependencies (optional, not required)

Chat commands (only for administrators)

/ppstart – start the event
/ppstop – end the event
/pppos – determining the position and rotation coordinates for changing the location of NPCs and crates. It should write in the configuration (Attention! The event must be started, the current position of the administrator in relation to the Power Plant is read)

Console commands (RCON only)

ppstart – start the event
ppstop – end the event

Plugin Config

“Minimum time between events [sec.]”
“Maximum time between events [sec.]”
“Duration of the event [sec.]”
“Time before the starting of the event after receiving a chat message [sec.]”
“Notification time until the end of the event [sec.]”
“Delayed departure of CH47 after the start of the event [sec.]”
“Delayed departure of workcart after the crash of CH47 [sec.]”
“Do you want to use the AlphaLoot in crates? [true/false]”
“Do you want to use the CustomLoot in crates? [true/false]”
“Do you create a PVP zone in the event area? (only for users TruePVE plugin) [true/false]”
“Interrupt the teleport in Power Plant? (only for users NTeleportation plugin) [true/false]”
“Prefix of chat messages”
“Do you use the chat? [true/false]”
“The CCTV camera”
“Can SAM Site turrets appear in the event zone? [true/false]”
“Flight altitude CH47 [m.]”
“The required amount of water in a barrel on the roof of the building to extinguish the fire”

“List of items”

  • “ShortName”
  • “Minimum”
  • “Maximum”
  • “Chance [0.0-100.0]”
  • “Is this a blueprint? [true/false]”
  • “SkinID (0 – default)”
  • “Name (empty – default)”

“Own loot table”

  • “Minimum numbers of items”
  • “Maximum numbers of items”
  • “List of items”

“Crates setting”

  • “Prefab”
  • “Position”
  • “Rotation”
  • “Use your own loot table? [true/false]”
  • “Own loot table”

“Locked crates setting”

  • “Location of all crates”
  • “Time to unlock the crates [sec.]”
  • “Which loot table should the plugin use? (0 – default, BetterLoot, MagicLoot; 1 – own; 2 – AlphaLoot; 3 – CustomLoot)”
  • “Own loot table”

“Marker configuration on the map”

  • “Name”
  • “Radius”
  • “Alpha”
  • “Marker color”
  • “Outline color”

“Dome setting”

  • “Do you use the dome? [true/false]”
  • “Darkening the dome”

“GUI setting”

  • “Do you use the countdown GUI? [true/false]”
  • “AnchorMin”
  • “AnchorMax”

“GUI Announcements setting”

  • “Do you use the GUI Announcements? [true/false]”
  • “Banner color”
  • “Text color”
  • “Adjust Vertical Position”

“Notify setting”

  • “Do you use the Notify? [true/false]”
  • “Type”

“Discord setting (only for users DiscordCore plugin)”

  • “Do you use the Discord? [true/false]”
  • “Channel ID in Discord”

“NPCs setting”

  • “Location of all NPCs”
  • “Wear items”
  • “Belt items”
  • “Name (empty – default)”
  • “Health”
  • “Sign Range”
  • “Roam Range”
  • “Chase Range”
  • “Scale damage”
  • “Do you want to use a wounded state? [true/false]”
  • “Duration of the wounded state [sec.]”
  • “The chance of leaving the wounded state [%]”
  • “Which loot table should the plugin use? (0 – default; 1 – own; 2 – AlphaLoot; 3 – CustomLoot)”
  • “Own loot table”

Contact me in Discord: KpucTaJl#8923

Check out more of my work here! https://lone.design/vendor/kpuctajl

Join the Lone.Design Discord Here! https://discord.gg/VEesZs9

3 reviews for Power Plant Event

  1. Stefan (verified owner)

    this guy has the best event plugins, for sure.

  2. Александр Жигин (verified owner)

    Самые лучшие плагины, простота в настройке и идеальная производительность. Разработчик всегда поможет и реагирует на вопросы мгновенно!!! Очень нравится его работа!!!

  3. Mbesailor (verified owner)

    Love the feature where you have to think before you dive in. Allows players to truly work as a team.

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Got something to discuss?

13 days 15 hours ago

Can you please remove all the russian in the config? The IQSphere plugin is the same and it’s such a pain to read and find what you need

13 days 13 hours ago

all my plugins are made in two languages, you most likely installed a version in Russian, please install the version from the archive in English and there will be no Russian language in the configuration

13 days 13 hours ago

you have all the possibilities not to see the Russian language by simply installing the version of the plugin “en” to your server. And so it is in every build of my plugins

10 days 13 hours ago

OK just before i buy this do i have to have a prefab or the plant on the server or is this included like the water event EG: builds a whole place on event start up, thank you

10 days 9 hours ago

Hi, in order for the event to work, there must be a Power Plant monument on the map

19 hours 23 minutes ago

hello. would you like to adapt to this plugin? https://umod.org/plugins/laptop-crate-hack They made it through the whole event and at the very end didn’t let them open the chest when the time was up.

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• After that just install the .cs (plugin file) into your …/oxide/plugins/ folder where you will install plugins you ever need to.

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