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Project Riese Aviation Room
Project Riese Aviation Room2
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Project Riese Outside View 1
Vault 113 Main Room
Vault 113 Loft
Vault 113 Entrance
Vault 113 Door
Project Riese Server Room
Project Riese Outside Entrance
Project Riese Outside Back
Project Riese Office
Project Riese Maze Puzzle
Project Riese Hallway Tiles
Project Riese Hallway office
Project Riese Armory Room
Laboratory 4
Laboratory 3
Laboratory 1
Glow Sphere 3
Glow Sphere 2
Glow Sphere 1
Caves 4
Caves 3
Caves 2
Caves 1
Amory Room 2

Project Riese

(4 customer reviews)

$14.99 $11.99

Project Riese is a Sci-fi, covert, weapons manufacturing facility off-grid from any other civilization.

Sold By: Lone


Project Riese is a covert weapons manufacturing facility off-grid from any other civilization. Among this Sci-Fi-esk monument, you will find quite the content of guards inside of it along with a nice area to loot leading to a red card door after the NPCs


Size: Roughly half the size of the Airfield. Most of this monument is underground.


Prefab Count: 8,200~  7897 (December 6th) 7482 (January 10th)


Features of this monument include but aren’t limited to:
  • NPC guards roaming the inside
  • Loot (Mid to high tier depending on if you have red card)
  • Main Puzzle leading to red card safe (All puzzles removed for compatibility except for final red card door)
  • Quite the unique aesthetics of a building in Rust

Including with the download, I will attach a readme inside the .zip. Please check it out as it contains info that may help you set this monument up on your own server if you don’t have much experience with any sort of map editing. For any inquiries of any sort please reach out to me on Discord!


Video with Ser Winter featuring the Monument!


4 reviews for Project Riese

  1. rbryan79 (verified owner)

    The detail is crazy! Players love this prefab. It adds a super cool mission to your map. Very easy to place.

  2. ladyscana (verified owner)

    Players on our PvE Server are feaking out about this thing. Its alot fun for everyone when we see all the death notes :D. We love this ! Loot is insane, no matter PvP or PvE servers. Would buy again.

  3. John Rapponotti (verified owner)

    players love it 0 issues place and launch

  4. comolev (verified owner)

    What do 3 Pookie bears give you?

    *Author edit: After you find 3 pookie bears it unlocks a door within the cave system under ProjectRiese as an optional side ‘quest’ typa thing 🙂

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  • v2.5 Initial release
  • v2.6 Tons of optimization, puzzle tweaks to make them less problematic in rare situations. Removed Egg world model since it causes errors on screen.
  • v2.6b Hotfix for one part of the puzzle not turning off.
  • v2.6d
    • Fixed tesla coils constantly being on by removing some of them and replacing with sliding doors
    • Removed the old glass technique and added the simple glass prefabs that FP gave us (less prefabs)
    • Fixed all of the lights (some working and some not) Now they all are
    • Minor changes to door placements
  • v2.6f - (Performance+Fixes)
    • Removed roughly 1,000 decorative prefabs that barely added much effect to increase performance
    • Adjusted the dark maze area since the electrical circuit goofed a few updates ago
    • Reduced and better-placed lights to also help client performance
    • Fixed an unnoticed 1-way door in the first office that people could have got stuck in.
  • 2.7 (minor window fix)
    • somehow a collider was deleted from 3 windows in one area of the map. Re-added those.
  • 3.1 (De-puzzle)
    • due to updates and the complicated IO puzzles breaking I have removed all of the puzzle aspect of this monument asides from a single (simple) red card door in the main vault after the NPCs

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