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The Great Pyramid

$12.99 $10.99

I present to you, The Great Pyramid of Rust! I challengly say that this is probably one of the more difficult monuments yet!

Sold By: Lone


In addition to my Submarine Monument, this one has to be one of my favorite things I’ve made.

This fully custom monument brings a plethora of cool features to any server! Some of the features I will list below but are not limited to…


Prefab Count: 4604 4011


-Full-blown parkour monument with hidden nooks and crannies
-Secret rooms/tunnels
-Aesthetics to any server
-Some areas will require 2 players
-This monument can quite easily be added to any existing custom map or proc gen map, just make a relatively flat area with sand, drop my prefab down, make sure you select apply height/splat mask and bam you now have one of the most difficult monuments ever made!


Feature from Ser Winter!


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  • v7
    • Fixed tesla coils constantly being on (had to remove a few of them)
    • Added a few more coffins as a bit of extra decor
  • v8 (De-Puzzle/Optimized)
    • Reduced about 500 prefabs from the pyramid that weren't needed or noticed
    • Removed all electricity puzzle aspects and converted to parkour only
    • Replaced Wood Pillar prefabs with cabin pillars since they don't render infinitely
    • Balanced loot (heavy nerf) to accommodate for the lack of keycards now

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