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The Great Pyramid


I present to you, The Great Pyramid of Rust! I challengly say that this is probably one of the more difficult monuments yet!

Sold By: Lone


In addition to my Submarine Monument, this one has to be one of my favorite things I’ve made.

This fully custom monument brings a plethora of cool features to any server! Some of the features I will list below but are not limited to…


-Full-blown easter egg/puzzle featuring codes you must figure out
-Side puzzles
-Secret rooms/tunnels
-Aesthetics to any server
-Some puzzles WILL require 2 players!
-This monument can quite easily be added to any existing custom map or proc gen map, just make a relatively flat area with sand, drop my prefab down, make sure you select apply height/splat mask and bam you now have one of the most difficult monuments ever made!

Things to know

-Bugs happen, it’s life! Help me squash them by reporting them in #bugs-glitches channel on my Discord!

-I cannot upload this monument for each and every person that buys it as I hope you’d understand! If you’re new to RustEdit I advise watching a couple of videos on how to import custom prefabs into your existing map as there are a handful of lovely people who’ve made nice tutorials!

-This monument will require the absolute latest version of the oxide .dll that k1lly0u has made which I will include in download (please drag mine over yours if yours is an older version).

-As loot will be the different per server I cannot make 100x different loot tables to accommodate each server. However, it is very easy to make your own loot table for these crates supplied on my monument if you so chose to use them. Go to RustEdit’s Site to find out how to easily make your own custom loot tables for yourself!


Feature from Ser Winter!


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