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Rookie Village


Rookie village looks dilapidated and gloomy, but some houses have retained their enviable integrity. Thanks to the stalkers’ efforts it has become one of the strongholds for newcomers, who gather here in order to settle in and gain some experience of survival in the Zone.

Sold By: Gruber


In fact, the village is supposed to be a haven for newly minted stalkers. However, over time it has become desolate and abandoned. Also fans of the game will find the place where Sidorovich was trading. You can also put a trader inside.


☣ Number of objects (2854 prefabs).
☣ Places to place your merchants.
☣ Starter loot, recycler.

All monuments have initial loot. There are also various masks for easy installation of monuments on your map. In addition, there are special masks that prevent players from building monuments in them, as well as prevent the occurrence of volumes of construction.


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