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No Man’s Island

(1 customer review)


Custom Rust Map for all of your unique server needs!

Sold By: Lone



Welcome to No Man’s Island! (3700km)

Amongst this custom Rust map that was handcrafted from scratch, you will have challenges at all corners. Players fighting to the death to try out a few custom monuments, and from the scarce wilderness roaming around you ready to eat your every bone.

My goal for this map when sculpting the terrain in World Creator was to make a map that still has several custom aspects but also feels not too far off from a normal Rust map, kinda like Hapis in a way, as well as be more affordable compared to my other projects. Below I will list all monuments including the custom ones I have added as well.

Size: 3700km

Custom Monuments

  • Unique Mountain Lab/Data Bunker (CCTV Code: MOUNTAIN1)
  • Power Stations
  • Dooms Day Bunker
  • Maunsell Sea Forts (CCTV Code: SEAFORT1)

Standard Rust Monuments

  • Launch Site
  • Larg Oil Rig
  • Harbour
  • Power Plant
  • Trainyard
  • Dome
  • Sewer Branch
  • Swamps
  • Gas Station
  • Mining Outposts
  • Excavator
  • All Quarries
  • 3 Caves
  • 2 Lighthouses
  • Outpost
  • Several mini monuments (electrical hubs, water catchers, etc)Remember use of this map is meant only, and only for the owner of the server, or to the individual who purchased this map. Absolutely no further redistribution of the map is allowed. If caught sharing/leeching/stealing any of my content you will be blocked on many different communities. Thanks for understanding 🙂

1 review for No Man’s Island

  1. James Moore (verified owner)

    I really dig how this map looks kinda like Hapis, but all the extra details take the game up to a new level!

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  • September 4th - Added 3 Fishing monuments around the map, fixed spawn points only generating on one side of map. Also fixed roadside junkpile spawns
  • v12 (11/11/2020)
    • Added custom monument map markers to the map for Thursday's update!

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