Save Countdown


Announces countdown, complete and save messages for server saves.

Sold By: Dana


Unlike SaveAnnouncer, this plugin allows setting a countdown before the server saves. Helpful for servers that face lag issues while saving.


Demo Video


“Config”: {
“Counting Down The Start Message”: true,
“Save Start Counter Time In Seconds”: 10.0,
“Save Duration In Seconds”: 10.0,
“Chat Broadcast – Enabled”: true,
“Console Broadcast – Enabled”: true


“CountdownSaveMessage”: “<size=14><color=#ffc300>SAVE COUNTDOWN</size></color>\n<size=13>server save will start in <color=#FF8C00>{0}</color></size>”,
“CompleteSaveMessage”: “<size=14><color=#ffc300>SERVER SAVE COMPLETE</size></color>”,
“SavingMessage”: “<size=14><color=#ffc300>SAVING</color>…</size>”

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