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Water Bases

(17 customer reviews)

Water Bases allows players with appropriate permissions to build structures on the surface of the water – and even expand them underwater! – in a natural, vanilla-like way.


Sold By: Nikedemos


Water Bases

Questions? Support? Join the discord: https://discord.gg/jYdnT2N

In short

This plugin allows players with appropriate permissions to build structures on the surface of the water – and even expand them underwater! – in a natural, vanilla-like way. No need for those tall, unstable pillars that have to reach the sea floor, just deploy your foundation on the water and expand it with building plan/hammer! Those aquatic buildings follow all the rules of normal bases on your server like stability/upkeep/decay – but also contain some unique features, like underwater nettings for collecting random junk items (with fully configurable loot tables) and some new and interesting building techniques. The plugin supports multiple config profiles based on permissions, so it’s a good way to reward your VIP players of different tiers. You decide who gets to build on the water, how big they can build, how far from the shore, the maximum building block tier – and many more! The plugin can also warn players if they’re building in the path of the Cargo Ship.  The Submarine update is right around the corner – make your server water-ready today!

Watch the video below to see what it’s all about.

“Isn’t this too OP?”

Not at all. Not even on default config! You have to gather the materials for a water base. Then you have to find the right spot. Then you have to build it, maintain the upkeep and defend it from potential raiders. There’s many config settings than you can adjust (like the cost of a water foundation, who can craft/build and where, what tier Workbench is required, how big the water bases can be built, etc). Living offshore is no picnic in itself, but for the right player, it will be the dream come true!

Everything still has to follow Rust rules – this is not an admin entity placement tool, it’s a familiar-feeling expansion to an already existing vanilla building system. Great on any map, but especially those where living space is at a premium, like one-grids.

“What about Cargo Ship, will it destroy structures in the way?”

By default, players will get a warning if they try to to build a water foundation in the path of the cargo ship, but their water foundation will stay. You can change this setting from “Warn” to “Prevent”, and the player won’t be able to build it in first place. Changing it to “None” will skip this check.

Every ocean path node creates a “bubble” with a configurable radius. See Admin chat commands section below to visualise those bubbles and guide your players to areas where they will be able to build without issues.

Quick start (for players and admins)

Upload the WaterBases.cs file to your oxide/plugins folder and you should be good to go, it’s all plug-and-play. No need to restart your server!

Before you can build on water, you need some Water Foundations. Water foundations are re-skinned Inner Tube items (Shortname: innertube / Item ID: -697981032 ; mind the minus sign, it matters!) with a skin ID 2484982352 (https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2484982352) or 2485021365 (https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2485021365). That info is just in case you’d like to include those in your own Kits/Server Rewards shops/loot tables/custom crafting plugins.

How to obtain those within the plugin?

Crafting water foundations (with Building Planner)

By default, all players will be able to craft, deploy, expand and reinforce water foundations. More on the limits and how to change them (how far/close to the shore, min and max depth of the water, how many water foundations allowed per building etc) in the section Advanced Config.

When a player equips a Building Plan, a small GUI will show in the bottom right (positions/colours etc can be changed in the config too). There, players will be able to craft deployable water foundations – both square and triangle.

Those crafted items will also be consumed when players expand their already deployed foundations or reinforce them.

The default permission profile requires a player to be close to a Level 2 Workbench – this requirement can be edited in the config to change the level needed, or you can turn off the need for a workbench altogether, per permission profile.

If you don’t want your players to be able to craft foundations – so they have to find them/buy them/earn them instead – you can disable it per-profile. In that case, they won’t see the GUI.

Giving with chat commands (admins only)

Type /give_square [amount] or /give_triangle [amount] to give yourself some foundations of that type. If you don’t specify an amount, you will only receive 1.

Deploying a “starter” foundation on water

Go out to the lake/ocean, select the water foundation as your active item and using the doughnut-shaped guide, deploy it on the water surface.

After trying to deploy/expand upon an existing water foundation, a couple of checks will be performed according to global config and individual permission profile for that player:

  • Does the player have permission to deploy the first foundation/expand existing one?
  • Is the player building blocked?
  • How far is the player trying to build from shore (based on the map topology)? Too close/too far?
  • How deep is the water where the player is trying to build? Is it too deep/too shallow?
  • Is the player trying to build too close to the path of cargo/Oil Rig?
  • Is the player allowed to have this many water foundations in the building?

If all the checks have been successful, a new twig floor, with a stability 100% (like normal foundations) will be built. It will have some indestructible floatation barrels attached to it, partially covering the water foundation’s soft side (the bottom). Then, a water foundation can be expanded, upgraded, protected with a Tool Cupboard (like any other buildings, really), or reinforced.


Once you’ve deployed your first “starter” water foundation, all the subsequent foundations will be placed using vanilla building mechanics – just take a building plan and build some floors neighbouring your water foundation on the sides! If you have enough water foundation items of the required kind in your inventory, those newly placed floors will also turn into water foundations. And they can call be demolished/upgraded, just like normal twig structures, as soon as you place a Tool Cupboard.

Expanding a single-sided water foundation requires 1 proper water foundation item, expanding a double sided water foundation (reinforced one) requires two.


Reinforcing a water foundation means making it double sided – so it fully covers the soft side AND gives you the ability to build from the surface down, to the seabed/lakebed! To reinforce, make sure a built water foundation is fully repaired, and them hit it with a hammer. If you have a required water foundation item in your inventory, it will be consumed and the foundation will be reinforced: you will see another floor with floatation barrels attached upside down.

If you try to expand a reinforced foundation (by attaching a floor at the bottom, reinforced side) and there’s no water foundation above it (normal orientation), it will try to create one, provided you have enough items in your inventory.

Reinforcements (upside down water foundations) are always associated with the water foundation they’re attached to and cannot exist on their own – if you destroy the water foundation, its reinforcement will be destroyed too. However, destroying the reinforcement will not destroy is water foundation.

Upgrading base structures

Building blocks inside your water bases have certain tier limits associated with them – it’s to help balance things out. By default, non-VIP and non-admin players will be able to upgrade water foundations to sheet metal tier, floor frames and wall frames to stone tier, and everything else (including walls, floors and reinforcement foundations) to wood tier. You can easily decide which permission profile has which max tier (per type of building block) in the config.

Water base exclusive features

  • Because water foundations are treated as floors with the stability of a foundation, you can place roofs at “ground level”, which is not possible with normal foundations!
  • Similarly, you can leave a “hole” where a water foundation would be and place a floor frame with a hatch instead – now you can enter your base from the bottom, underwater!
  • Reinforcing a water foundation means you’ll be able to build down from the surface to the bottom of the water to create extra layers of protection, or…
  • Nettings deployed in wall frames underwater will collect random junk items with editable loot tables, including fish and diving equipment! This feature is heavily configurable and can even be disabled.
  • Coming soon: underwater Submersible garages!

All in all, it’s like any other base… just on water, without annoying seafloor supports.

The stability of the water foundation is always 100% and goes down the higher you built. The stability of a reinforcement foundation also starts at 100% and goes down the deeper towards the seafloor you build. All the decaying things (walls, floors, doors etc) will require appropriate upkeep materials in the Tool Cupboard. Structures can be repaired, demolished, upgraded and removed using plugins. Bases can be raided, taken over or left to decay.

Permissions (Oxide.Grant user YourName [permission name starting with waterbases.])

By default, the plugin generates 3 permission profiles in the config – one for admins, one for normal players with no specific permissions (default) and one for VIP. More on permission profiles and config values they can handle can be found in the section Advanced Config.

Unless you have added more permission profiles, only these two below are going to be used by your config:


Holders of the admin permission will also be able to run the /wb_cfg, /give_square and /give_triangle commands. Also, by default, they will be associated with the permission profile that has no limits on placing water foundations.


Holders of this permission will follow settings and limits associated with with that permission profile.


The permissions below are also registered, but not used by default. To use them, just create some permission profiles with those permissions as the key.

  • waterbases.vip2
  • waterbases.vip3
  • waterbases.vip4
  • waterbases.vip5

Admin chat commands (must have ownerid/moderatorid/waterbases.admin permission)

/give_square [optional arg: amount of items to receive]
Will give the player a given amount of square-shaped water foundations. If no amount is provided, only 1 will be received.

/give_triangle [optional arg: amount of items to receive]
Will give the player a given amount of triangle-shaped water foundations. If no amount is provided, only 1 will be received.

This will draw a "bubble" (only for you, not every player) around every path node, and the bubble's radius will be taken from your config.
If a player tries building inside one of these bubbles, they might get a warning or get prevent from doing so (because cargo ship destroys all structures in its way).
Useful to visualise where your players can and cannot build, based on the cargo ship path.

This will show you the current distance from the shore, to help you decide how close to/far from the shore to allow players to build.
The unit used by Rust to measure shore distance is not in meters, it's something roughly equivalent to 1/10th of a map grid length.
Mind you though, it's based off of the map's topology, so it should be fine on procgens, but if you have a custom map without topology layers reflecting the actual shoreline,
you might want to disable relying on shore distance in your config.

Configuration (oxide/config/WaterBases.json and /wb_cfg chat command)

Vast majority of the settings can be configured with the /wb_cfg chat command. Typing it in the chat with no parameters should dump a rundown of config fields and their values.

In order to run any of the config commands, you will need to have ownerid or moderatorid (or the cargotrainevent.admin permission).

/wb_cfg RelyOnShoreDistance [logical values (true or false)]
If true, shore distance will be checked when players try to place water foundation. Maps, especially custom, might not have topology maps defined correctly – if you see deployment errors that don’t make sense according to your config, disable this check and rely on water depth instead (the farther from shore, the deeper).  (DEFAULT: true)

/wb_cfg CargoShipPathHandling [“Warn”, “Prevent” or “None”]
If a player tries building/deploying a Water Foundation too close to the path of the Cargo Ship, they will get, respectively, a warning (but the foundation will stay there anyway), they will be prevented from doing so, or nothing will happen. (DEFAULT: “Warn”)

/wb_cfg MinDistanceFromCargoShipNode [fractions (like 1.2345) between 0.00 and 10000.00]
The lower this value (in meters), the closer to Cargo Ship paths players will be able to build water foundations (they will just get a warning, won’t be able to build, or nothing will happen – see CargoShipPathHandling). (DEFAULT: 40.00)

/wb_cfg UnderwaterNetsCollectJunk [logical values (true or false)]
If true, Nettings deployed in wall frames underwater will accumulate random low-tier items. The full loot table (items and their weights) can be edited in the config file. (DEFAULT: true)

/wb_cfg UnderwaterNetsRandomTimerMin [fractions (like 1.2345) between 0.00 and 10000.00]
Minimum duration of time before the next random item spawns in a net (in seconds). (DEFAULT: 600.00)

/wb_cfg UnderwaterNetsRandomTimerMax [fractions (like 1.2345) between 0.00 and 10000.00]
Maximum duration of time before the next random item spawns in a net (in seconds). (DEFAULT: 1200.00)

/wb_cfg UnderwaterNetsItemLimit [integers (like 12345) between 0 and 100]
After this limit of caught items is reached, don’t catch any more items (at least until some despawn first). (DEFAULT: 10)

/wb_cfg GuiAnchorALeft [fractions (like 1.2345) between 0.00 and 1.00]
Building plan crafting GUI anchor min x (left). (DEFAULT: 0.645833)

/wb_cfg GuiAnchorBBottom [fractions (like 1.2345) between 0.00 and 1.00]
Building plan crafting GUI anchor min y (bottom). (DEFAULT: 0.02592)

/wb_cfg GuiAnchorCRight [fractions (like 1.2345) between 0.00 and 1.00]
Building plan crafting GUI anchor max x (right). (DEFAULT: 0.83125)

/wb_cfg GuiAnchorDTop [fractions (like 1.2345) between 0.00 and 1.00]
Building plan crafting GUI anchor max y (top). (DEFAULT: 0.108333)

/wb_cfg GuiTextSize [integers (like 12345) between 0 and 100]
Building plan crafting GUI text size. (DEFAULT: 10)

/wb_cfg GuiButtonColor [hexadecimal numbers WITHOUT preceeding # (like 3db4b3)]
Building plan crafting GUI button background colour (hex number, no preceeding hash). (DEFAULT: “4897ce”)

/wb_cfg GuiTextColor [hexadecimal numbers WITHOUT preceeding # (like 3db4b3)]
Building plan crafting GUI text colour (hex number, no preceeding hash). (DEFAULT: “f6eae0”)

/wb_cfg GuiTextColor [hexadecimal numbers WITHOUT preceeding # (like 3db4b3)]
Building plan crafting GUI text colour (hex number, no preceeding hash). (DEFAULT: “f6eae0”)

/wb_cfg GuiButtonAlpha [fractions (like 1.2345) between 0.00 and 1.00]
Building plan crafting GUI button alpha (0 = fully transparent, 1 = fully opaque). (DEFAULT: 1.0)

/wb_cfg GuiTextAlpha [fractions (like 1.2345) between 0.00 and 1.00]
Building plan crafting GUI text alpha (0 = fully transparent, 1 = fully opaque). (DEFAULT: 1.0)

/wb_cfg EnableBarrelEntities [logical values (true or false)]
If true, water foundation and reinforcements will spawn barrels for visuals. If you’re worried about potential server lag with extra entities, set to false, but it will fully expose your foundation/reinforcement soft sides. Changes will take effect for newly deployed foundations or after server restart. (DEFAULT: true)


Advanced config (only editable through oxide/config/WaterBases.json)

Water foundation crafting cost

Here you can adjust how much it costs to craft water foundations. Make it more expensive, less expensive, or add/remove required materials. The cost will stay the same for all permission profiles.

A full list of short names for items can be found at https://www.corrosionhour.com/rust-item-list/

"CraftingCostSquare": [
        "Shortname": "wood",
        "Amount": 100
        "Shortname": "metal.fragments",
        "Amount": 200
"CraftingCostTriangle": [
        "Shortname": "wood",
        "Amount": 50
        "Shortname": "metal.fragments",
        "Amount": 100

Shortname should belong to one of the available items in-game.

Amount should be a whole number larger than 0 and smaller than the limit of a signed 32-bit integer (2 147 483 647).

Permission profiles

Using profiles you can quickly create/edit different permissions for different players, for example, if you have more than 1 VIP tier on your server – just add some new profiles.

Different players can have different limits and permissions associated with building water bases. To check which permission profile the player should fall under, the plugin goes through all permission profiles and checks whether the player has that permission granted. The permissions are checked in order, meaning that if the player doesn’t have the first permission, it will try the next permission on the list, etc (similar to how Auto Kits checks which kit to give to a player based on their permissions in order).

If the player doesn’t have any permissions from the list granted, they will fall back to the “default” profile. That’s the only one that you shouldn’t remove! If you remove it, a new one with default values will be created.

So if you don’t want your default, non-VIP players to build water bases, don’t remove the default profile, just take away privileges in that profile (like deploying/expanding/reinforcing).

You don’t have to use the built-in VIP permissions – any permission from any plugin will do just fine!

By default, three permission profiles are generate in the config: default, waterbases.admin and waterbases.vip1.

The default permission profile will apply to any player who doesn’t have any permissions listed in the profile list – let’s have a look at it:

"PermissionProfiles": {
    "default": {
        "PermissionRequired": "default",
        "MaxBuildingGradeGeneric": "Wood",
        "MaxBuildingGradeFrames": "Stone",
        "MaxBuildingGradeWaterFoundations": "Metal",
        "WaterDepthMin": 2.0,
        "WaterDepthMax": 100.0,
        "MaxWaterFoundationsPerBuilding": 25,
        "MinDistanceFromOilrig": 200.0,
        "MinDistanceFromShore": 2.0,
        "MaxDistanceFromShore": 20.0,
        "CanDeployWaterFoundations": true,
        "CanReinforceWaterFoundations": true,
        "CanExpandWaterFoundations": true,
        "CanExpandReinforcedFoundations": true,
        "CanCraftWaterFoundations": true,
        "RequireMaterialsForCrafting": true,
        "WorkbenchLevelRequired": 2.0,
        "CanDeployUnderwaterNets": true,

  • PermissionRequired should contain an already existing permission registered by any plugin in the form of pluginname.permissionname
  • MaxBuildingGradeGeneric, MaxBuildingGradeFrames andMaxBuildingGradeWaterFoundations define the highest allowed grade for a particular part of a water base. Generic means anything that’s not a water foundation or a door/floor frame (that includes normal floors, walls, half walls and inverse foundations). For those 3 settings, the accepted options are “Twigs”, “Wood”, “Stone”, “Metal” or “TopTier”. Set all of them to “TopTier” if you don’t want any tier limits on water bases.
  • WaterDepthMin and WaterDepthMax define the allowed range for water depth when placing water foundations – to make sure that certain players are not building in water that is too shallow/too deep. The unit is meters.
  • MaxWaterFoundationsPerBuilding is what it sounds like: it will prevent a player under this permission profile from adding more water foundations to a water base, limiting their size. Set to a large value like 100000 for virtually no limits.
  • MinDistanceFromOilrig will define the minium distance from the closest oilrig (in meters) that has to be respected before placing a water foundation down. Decrease to let players build closer, increase to make them build further away.
  • MinDistanceFromShore and MaxDistanceFromShore both rely on your map topology. If you’re sure that you’re quite close to the shore, but the /shore_distance command shows you ridiculous values, it means your map does not have the topology map painted properly (contact the map dev and let them know!). In that case you should set the RelyOnShoreDistance option in the config to false and instead rely on water depth (if shore distance is enabled, it will rely on both). The unit here is not a meter, but roughly 1/10th of a map grid (around 15 meters).
  • CanDeployWaterFoundations if set to true, it will allow players using this profile to deploy new started foundations (using the doughnut guide, provided they have a properly shaped water foundation item to be consumed).
  • CanReinforceWaterFoundations if set to true, it will allow players using this profile to reinforce water foundations by hitting them with a hammer (provided they have a properly shaped water foundation item to be consumed).
  • CanExpandWaterFoundations if set to true, it will allow players using this profile to build more water foundations upon already existing ones by placing neighbouring floors with their building plan (provided they have a properly shaped water foundation item to be consumed).
  • CanExpandReinforcedFoundations if set to true, it will allow players using this profileto attach a floor to the side of a reinforcement foundation – and as long as they have 2 water foundation items in their inventory, they will expand that reinforced foundation along with its water foundation.
  • CanCraftWaterFoundations if set to true, it will allow players using this profile to craft water foundations using a GUI in the bottom-right (showing while a Building Plan is equipped). Profiles with this setting set to false won’t display those GUIs and players will have to find other ways of obtaining water foundations (loot, kits, server rewards etc).
  • RequireMaterialsForCrafting if set to true, players using this profile will need to have required crafting materials in their inventory when trying to craft a Water Foundation. If set to false, the player will be able to craft an infinite amount of water foundations for free, so use with caution.
  • WorkbenchLevelRequired Set to 0.0 (no workbench nearby required), 1.0 (Level 1 required), 2.0 (Level 2 required) or 3.0 (Level 3 required) for crafting Water Foundations.
  • CanDeployUnderwaterNets if set to true, players will be able to deploy nettings in underwater wall frames. Those nettings will slowly accumulate underwater junk items if the feature is enabled on your server – look below for the loot table configuration.

Underwater junk loot tables

If you have not disabled underwater nets collecting junk, this is where you can adjust the kind and rarity of certain items. You can even remove entries and add your own, including a custom skin and item name!

A “loot table” is perhaps not the right term, as the list contains individual chances of a “caught” item being of a particular kind. There can be only 1 item caught at a time, and the table defines random weights for every possible entry. The larger the weight (compared to the sum of all weights), the bigger chance of encountering a particular item. So if you have 10 entries and each of them have a weight of 1, each item will have an equal 10% chance of being one of the random entries in the list (as the weights sum up to 10).

Thus you can have some items really common, and some of them really rare. Here’s 2 sample entries from the list:

    "Shortname": "innertube",
    "CustomName": null,
    "SkinID": 2484982352,
    "RandomChanceWeight": 1.0,
    "MinRandomAmount": 1,
    "MaxRandomAmount": 1
    "Shortname": "innertube",
    "CustomName": null,
    "SkinID": 2485021365,
    "RandomChanceWeight": 1.0,
    "MinRandomAmount": 1,
    "MaxRandomAmount": 1

  • Shortname is the most important bit – make sure it’s correct! You can find a link to a full list of those names above.
  • CustomName lets you give items caught in the netting different names. You can leave that null to leave a default item name. In this example, the two items are water foundations – the proper name for those items will be applied automatically by the plugin anyway. Whatever you type there, make sure to encompass it in quotes, like “CustomName”: “My Custom Item Name” if it’s not null!
  • SkinID is pretty self explanatory – it’s the long number in the URL of a Steam Workshop item. By default it’s 0 (no skin).
  • RandomChanceWeight lets you decide the item’s rarity when spawning – relative to the rarity of other items. Increase or decrease this number (it can be fractional) to make the item more or less rare.
  • MinRandomAmount and MaxRandomAmount are what they sound like – they should both be larger than 0 (whole numbers) and when that particular item is caught, the stack will contain an amount between these two numbers.

Translation support (oxide/lang/en/WaterBases.json)

Almost every string the players see, including names for the water foundation items and messages displaying in the chat and the GUI, can be edited. Just load the plugin and let it generate the file – after you edit it, reload the plugin.


I’m not going to speak legalese here. It’s going to be short and to the point. By purchasing Water Bases you hereby agree to these conditions:

  • If something goes wrong with your server (not that it will!) while using this plugin, you will not hold Nikedemos responsible. You use the plugin at your own risk. Always make sure you make backup copies before experimenting with anything.
  • You are granted a license to use the plugin on up to 6 servers at time. You have to be the owner or co-owner of those servers. This license will never expire. When the plugin gets updated, every license owner is entitled to an update.
  • You will not distribute this plugin in any shape or form – not on forums, social media, not to your friends, not to other server owners nor other plugin developers. Making plugins takes time and effort and I really appreciate respecting plugin developers by not stealing their work. The only way to legally own and use Water Bases on a server you own is to purchase a license. If you’re not a permanent co-owner on a particular server (that has been participating in the server costs/revenue), you can’t deploy the plugin there, even if you’re friends with the owner. They have to purchase a separate license.

Check out more of my work here! https://lone.design/vendor/nikedemos/
Join the Lone.Design Discord Here! https://discord.gg/VEesZs9

17 reviews for Water Bases

  1. Charles Young (verified owner)

    If you want your players to have more ways to build, this is def. the way to go. And the fact that you can “reverse build” underwater is insane. Love it. And the players are already having fun with it.

  2. Connor Koenig (verified owner)

    Nice plugin, active dev to help with any issues or questions. +1

  3. Patriot (verified owner)

    Makes making water bases easier for everyone!

  4. flouONEs (verified owner)

    A very good plugin, I liked the idea of the plugin, as well as the implementation, the plugin is made with high quality, I will install it on the server, see how people like it) But if we liked the plugin, then the plugin is really worthwhile, I advise everyone.

  5. deyowan (verified owner)

    Fishing nets?!? Genius! Can’t wait to see how well this is going to fit with the upcoming submarine transport!

  6. Warkingz (verified owner)

    The one of the best mod for your server to have with the submarine coming out soon and the water world maps it works like a dream this will work with any type of server vanilla as the config is easy to work with thank you for the plugin Nikedemos

  7. rustland.pl (verified owner)

    best build mod plugin!

  8. Audrey Athiel (verified owner)

    Super plugin! on se croiraient sur raft j’adore <3 si un jour ça navigue réellement on sera au top :p , manque plus qu'un beau requin dans l'eau ^^

  9. sundeepdpatel (verified owner)

    Fantastic Plugin, east setup. Every option is available in config allowing server owners to fully customize the plugin. It’s great that you can structure the plugin to fit your VIP packages! I’m looking forward to future releases from this developer.

  10. SLi-Fox (TWM Seattle 1-3x) (verified owner)

    Simply outstanding! The plug-in has worked without issue since release.

    I would love to see some companion plug-ins such as a turret that a player can turn into a torpedo laucher that can target players, boats, and the upcoming submarines!

  11. Anthony Villarreal (verified owner)

    Really cool and easy to use.

  12. Slamcheeks (verified owner)

    Great plugin, would definitely recommend it if you wanna expand beyond normal building parameters. Awesome dev and gives quick responses.

  13. AtomicTexan (verified owner)

    Love this plugin. Probably the most fun I’ve had with a plugin.
    love the item catcher feature. If there is any improvement needed it would be sweet to be able to stick a boat engine on it and a boat seat somewhere and drive the base around LOL Anyways love the plugin. was worth every penny..

  14. benragin (verified owner)

    This is a game changer. You can be sure your audience will be amazed because Nikedemos is the creator. Bought a few more items from him today and will continue to support him. I’m a noob at this and he was very understanding and patient with me 10/10

  15. Kleementin (verified owner)

    Important to mention is that cargo ships definitely can damage buildings.
    Happened to me very often now. Still trying to figure out how to prevent that.
    Author says the only way to prevent that is to set up a custom cargo path with RustEdit.
    It’s not as easy to prevent that as told under “What about Cargo Ship, will it destroy structures in the way?” cause the ships could still act unpredictable no matter if you check their paths before.
    I really liked the idea of freedom of building on the water but seems one can either choose between building near to the shore or far out on the sea. Still testing this though cause I didn’t find any setting yet that prevented damage to buildings.

  16. andreas.weiss.do (verified owner)

    Nikedemos is a very helpful and active developer. Another ass kicking plugin – great job!

  17. Lyee Channel (verified owner)

    how to build netting?? can someone gift me tutorial??

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Version 1.0.4
  • 3 months ago Added Added new config value: RestrictBuildingToMapGrid, default false. Set to true if you don't want your players to be able to deploy water foundations outside the map grid. Use chat command "/grid_pos" to see where Rust considers the map grid to begin and end.
  • 3 months ago Fixed Optimising some stuff
  • 3 months ago Added /draw_cargo can now be used by everyone
Version 1.0.2
  • 6 months ago Fixed Fixed the issue where normal nets placed over water would start collecting items after plugin reload/server restart
Version 1.0.1
  • 6 months ago Fixed Fixed issues with deployed stuff having no skin or wrong skin
  • 6 months ago Added New config values: GuiButtonAlpha, GuiTextAlpha and EnableBarrelEntities (default true)
  • 6 months ago Fixed Fixed barrels not being re-created properly sometimes after server restart

No custom license found. Refer to the TOS for License information!

Got something to discuss?

5 months 28 days ago

Looks amazing, but i have some questions before i buy. This plugin working with (copypaste, npc raidable bases, raid limits, noob protection) ? Also hope you cant place any deployables underwater?

5 months 28 days ago

Hi there!

Noob Protection/Abandoned Bases stuff should work out of the box: the bases are normal buildings with owners, decay, upkeep, building privilege etc – the only thing those buildings don’t have are actual foundations. Instead, they have 100% floors with some barrels parented to it for visuals. So as long as the plugin in question can live with that fact, there shouldn’t be any issues or the issues can be patched after purchase.

I already got in touch with the developer of CopyPaste and we’re working on upgrades to CopyPaste to allow for advanced functionality like Water Bases (and more). RaidableBases depends on CopyPaste functionality, so as soon as CopyPaste stuff is sorted and tested, making Raidable Bases compatible with Water Bases should only be a matter of time. Stay tuned – for updates, I’d recommend joining my discord (big link at the top of the product page), I will make sure to let people know!

You can only deploy stuff like codelocks/windows/nettings/garage doors underwater (anything deployed on a building block or in a slot, basically). Unfortunately there’s no way to freely deploy things like boxes and furnaces underwater because the water check is client sided – but you can use something like Ubertool to get a server-side surrogate for that.

5 months 28 days ago

Thats nice…. AND about deployables underwater… Dont even think to do that, if players can place tc or loot boxses underwater, then its become out of balance…. the only way to raid it just pick axe…
Ok thanks for huge explain. i will try get this plugin tonight i think 🙂 water bases is amazing idea. Keep going with what you doing. Amazing job

Vincent Giet
5 months 22 days ago

How does one expand underwater ?

Ethan Hurst
5 months 12 days ago

I’ve just bought this. By default I’m unable to extend with the building plan when I put down a foundation on the water. What am I doing wrong?

5 months 12 days ago

Hi there! Did you read the product page? I know it’s a hefty read, but trust me, you would’ve saved yourself some frustration 😉 Everything is explained step by step! TL;DR: You need to deploy your first water foundation on the water, then using your building plan, extend that water foundation with FLOORS, not foundations. If you have enough Water Foundation items in your inventory, you will see the floors you extended with turn into more water foundations. Then, using a hammer, you can reinforce your foundations (so you can build upside down from them). Hope that helps! If not, join my discord (large link on the top of the product page).

Ethan Hurst
5 months 7 days ago

Hi Nike, Yes I’ve read through the documentation and verified that I’m not too deep or too shallow etc. For whatever reason when I’ve placed the initial water foundation after creating it. I just cannot expand with the building planner as usual 🙁

5 months 11 days ago

So do we need a skin plugin like Item Skin Setter to reskin these items, or does the plugin automatically do this?
“Before you can build on water, you need some Water Foundations. Water foundations are re-skinned Inner Tube items (Shortname: innertube / Item ID: -697981032 ; mind the minus sign, it matters!) with a skin ID 2484982352 (https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2484982352) or 2485021365 (https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2485021365). That info is just in case you’d like to include those in your own Kits/Server Rewards shops/loot tables/custom crafting plugins.”

5 months 10 days ago

Hi there! As stated, “That info is just in case you’d like to include those in your own Kits/Server Rewards shops/loot tables/custom crafting plugins”.
No extra plugins needed, Water Bases creates those items automatically, already skinned, if you craft them using the in-plugin UI. I just provided the IDs for 3rd party plugins IF you choose to use them.

5 months 8 days ago

love the plugin. is there a way for me to move them up a half a foot. they are always just under the water and would like them just above /

5 months 7 days ago

The height of the deployed foundation depends entirely on the water level. It cannot possibly be any higher, otherwise when the water level is at it’s lowest, the barrels would be floating in the air. They’re not “always” just underwater, their height makes it so they’re only underwater 50% of the time.
Most people tend to use the the ground floor as a honeycomb layer anyway – building a half wall and then another floor layer also means an extra layer of protection.

5 months 7 days ago

ok thanks for the reply, “building a half wall and then another floor layer” is what i did. thanks . again love the plugin keep up the great work

5 months 7 days ago

This plugin has really helped me a lot, I was looking for this for years, and finally thanks to you we have it, I really enjoy it as a child.

I have a question, how is it built under water? I have tried to do it and the permissions but it won’t let me.

5 months 7 days ago

Hi there! Make sure you read the product page, everything is explained! In order to expand underwater, you need to have a proper Water Foundation item in your inventory and smack an unreinforced water foundation with a hammer.

4 months 29 days ago

Failed to call hook ‘OnHammerHit’ on plugin ‘WaterBases v1.0.2’ (NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object)
at BuildingBlock.GetGrade (BuildingGrade+Enum iGrade) [0x00000] in :0
at BuildingBlock.get_currentGrade () [0x00000] in :0
at BuildingBlock.MaxHealth () [0x00000] in :0
at Oxide.Plugins.WaterBases.OnHammerHit (BasePlayer player, HitInfo info) [0x00040] in :0
at Oxide.Plugins.WaterBases.DirectCallHook (System.String name, System.Object& ret, System.Object[] args) [0x0021e] in :0
at Oxide.Plugins.CSharpPlugin.InvokeMethod (Oxide.Core.Plugins.HookMethod method, System.Object[] args) [0x00079] in :0
at Oxide.Core.Plugins.CSPlugin.OnCallHook (System.String name, System.Object[] args) [0x000d8] in :0
at Oxide.Core.Plugins.Plugin.CallHook (System.String hook, System.Object[] args) [0x00060] in :0

4 months 29 days ago

Hi there! Looks like you might have an incompatibility with another plugin. Join my discord at https://discord.gg/jYdnT2N and open a new support ticket, quoting your 5-digit order id – and let’s see if it can be patched up

Audrey Athiel
4 months 23 days ago

plugin broken with maj. rust 01/07/2021

4 months 22 days ago

Hi there! No, to my knowledge the plugin is working fine. Not entirely sure what “maj” means in this context (May, the month?), but if you have any bugs/incompatibilities to report, join my discord (big link at the top of the product page) and open a new support ticket!

4 months 22 days ago

The primary problem with a water base isn’t building one. It is defending the foundation to begin with. A water base is a sitting duck because there is no way to slow a raider down or even get Rust+ notification if you have someone foundation wiping you from under water. Need to be able to deploy working auto turrets, HBHF sensors, smart alarms, gun traps, flame turrets, teslas etc. under water for base defense and notifications.

4 months 21 days ago

The primary problem with deploying things underwater: Facepunch won’t let us, the check is done client-sided! Hence, server-sided plugins can’t do anything about it. If the deployment “ghost” is red, servers can’t force it to blue. Unless it’s a door, a net or a lock (i.e. you’re deploying it parented to an already existing building block).
Plugins like Ubertool pretty much re-invent client-sided placing checks, only serverside – but there’s a reason they’re admin-only!

4 months 21 days ago

Yea, that’s shame. I will buy this plugin just because I like your work and I do have a couple players that enjoy water bases. Hopefully FacePunch actually makes gives them traps / options to defend and notify.

Mrs- Jaqueline Chantal
4 months 10 days ago

Hi there , anything new to copy/paste ? it still just explode 🙁

4 months 9 days ago

Hi there! Unfortunately the current version of CopyPaste always expects normal foundations, it has no idea what to do with the barrelled floors. It doesn’t even know about the barrels and that they should be parented to the floors pretending to be water foundations. I got in touch with misticos (current maintainer of CopyPaste) even before I released Water Bases to see what could be done about it. Apparently CopyPaste on umod will be getting a rewrite in the future, possibly even utilising Rust’s native serialization methods (so copying/pasting should be way faster and precise, as every single bit of information about the entity – not just the position, prefab, container contents and the skin – might be able to be stored). But no promises on that and definitely no ETA either.

Mrs- Jaqueline Chantal
4 months 7 days ago

Ok , let´s all hope for the best.

2 months 8 days ago

Does it work with Nteleportation plug in? Can I save home in water base if I allow homes on foundations only?

2 months 8 days ago

Hi there! It will work with any /home stuff, yes! But actually, DON’T set it to “foundations only”, since Water foundations are seen as normal floors in-game, so you need to allow your players to set a home anywhere. Hope that helps

2 months 8 days ago

Hmm but by doing that players will be able to save homes anywhere on map… ie monunents, rig etc. Am I right?

2 months 8 days ago

No. It still requires a player-placed building. From the umod page, “AllowAboveFoundation – Allows to set homes on Nth floor of a building when above owned/shared foundation (floor/ceiling). If false, player must use home/sethome on a foundation (1st floor)”. Not entirely sure how NTeleportation counts foundations, but I’d start there. In any case, comments sections is not the best place to get tech support, join my discord (big link at the top of the product page) and there’s a whole #wb-general channel for any Water Bases related question. Pretty sure some of the people there already use WB in conjunction with NTeleportation or something similar. See you there!

Marco Baldo
3 days 3 hours ago

Hello there, awesome plugin!
I have a little problem though, i tried expanding underwater but the walls don’t snap like in the video, any tips?

2 days 16 hours ago

Hi there! Please read the product page, it’s very clear on what needs to be done to enjoy the plugin fully. You only need to deploy 1 water foundation as a starter – and then use your NORMAL building planner to build floors next to it, it will automatically turn those in water foundations if you have enough in your inventory. Since you didn’t read the product page, it’s safe to assume your next question will be “how do I build underwater”. You need to make foundations double-sided by banging them with a hammer when at 100% health.

How do I use this .zip/.7z file I just purchased on my server?

• First, you want to unzip the file. You can do so by just double-clicking it to open, then drag the contents to the desired location (you may need to install an external unzipping software if you don’t already have one such as 7zip or winrar)
• Next you will find either a structure of folders or just the .cs file itself (it’s the actual plugin file itself).
• After that just install the .cs (plugin file) into your …/oxide/plugins/ folder where you will install plugins you ever need to.

Additionally, here’s a great video that easily covers adding a plugin to your server if you need! https://youtu.be/yWC_p97FhQA

• Installation is not included with any products on the site, however, if needed we may assist if you reach out to our support.