Western Ranch
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0c8MSy Western Ranch
0c8vAL Western Ranch
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0c8ltT Western Ranch
0c8Y7o Western Ranch
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0c85xZ Western Ranch
0c86iX Western Ranch
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0c8frn Western Ranch
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0c8yuN Western Ranch
0c8ZmK Western Ranch
0c82Av Western Ranch
0c8nMJ Western Ranch

Western Ranch

Western Ranch
Monument size
: approximately Gas Station
Count prefabs: type 1 = 3079, type 2 = 2478
NPC Seller
Electrical controls in the stable


Sold By: Xacku


Western Ranch

Wild West Ranch
Most recently, this Ranch belonged to the Volts brothers, but trouble overtook them. Now it is a location for wandering wild animals and travelers who need a bed for the night. On the territory of the estate, there is a Barn where horses were kept. Something forced unknown persons to make a mess there, apparently, they were looking for something. The travelers left their horses and disappeared somewhere, now the poor fellows have to suffer from hunger. Not far from the barn there is a hut with two rooms. 2 brothers – 2 rooms. Everything is modest here. One of the brothers liked to sit by the fireplace and fantasize, the other loved to read. Behind the hut, there is an outdoor toilet, next to which there is a windmill. Unfortunately, due to lack of maintenance, it is no longer functioning. Behind the barn, there is an empty Water tower, which has not received water for a long time. In front of the hut is a small plot with a well and a small plantation, which once had crops. This is a picturesque place. But what made the brothers leave him?

• 1 random crate_normal
• 2 crate_normal_2
• 1 crate_tools
• 1 green card
• barrels
• food_box

– height mask
– spat mask
– alpha mask
– topology mask
– biom mask
– profile vending

In the set you will find 2 types of Ranches. Type 1 – fully customized location. Type 2-optimized location with a replaced fence, which would reduce the number of objects used to reduce the consumption of server and client resources

This video shows this monument in detail. It is worth considering that the video reflects the topologies before the changes, and also the video does not show the NPC from whom you can buy a horse.

If you have any questions, feel free to write to me in Discord: Xacku в Macke #8202


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