Rust Nuke Missile Silo Guide and Tips

Rust Nuke Missile Silo Monument Guide: All-In-One

Welcome to the Rust Nuke Missile Silo Monument Guide

Get ready to explore this impressive structure, packed with challenges and loot, that’s sure to test your PVP skills. Let’s dive into the essentials and walk through this new monument.

What is The Nuke Missile Silo?

The Nuke Missile Silo is the latest addition to Rust’s rotation of monuments you can visit within the world, providing a unique experience with multiple levels, dangerous NPCs, and an interesting backstory. Before you embark on this journey, be prepared with plenty of meds, a decent firearm, and a couple of friends to help you tackle the challenges that await as more than likely, the NPCs may not be your only threat.

Rust Nuke Missile Silo Outside Image

Requirements and Preparation

Before you enter the monument, make sure you have the following items:

  1. Plenty of meds
  2. Radiation protected clothing
  3. A decent firearm
  4. A blue keycard (for the hatch button)
  5. Flashbangs (optional, to stun NPCs with night vision gear)
  6. Friends (optional, for backup)

Levels and Floors: A Breakdown

The Nuke Missile Silo has five levels. These levels can be traveled via either the staircases or the included elevator lifts throughout the monument. I wouldn’t run this monument if you’re in a hurry in real life as it will take no less than 15 minutes to clear this with the average small team.


Level Crates NPCs Key Features
Ground Level 9 brown, 1 green 4 Blue Scientists Hatch button (blue keycard required)
Level 1 7 green 3 NVGM Scientist
Level 2 5 green, 2 brown 7 NVGM Scientist
Levels 3 & 4 3 green, 2 brown ~7 NVGM Scientist
Level 5 1 elite ~7 NVGM Scientist 3 diesel barrels, 1 red keycard spawn
Note: The “~” is included as NPCs do roam around and can migrate from floor to floor so the number may fluctuate

Rust Nuke Missile Silo Npc Information GuideChallenges: NPC Information and More

Once you’re inside the monument, prepare for a series of obstacles:

  1. The hatch door will close after entering, leaving only one way out – a side door that can be opened with a push button located in a small office nearby. You have about 20-30 seconds before the hatch closes after swiping a blue card and pressing the button to open it.
  2. Expect to face numerous NPCs, including the new NVGM scientists with night vision gear. These NPCs have better loot and weapons, but they’re more susceptible to flashbangs. Also, they have slightly more health than normal blue scientists as well.
  3. Radiation is present throughout the monument, increasing in intensity as you descend to lower levels.


Exiting the Monument

After fending off all the NPCs and looting all your goods you can begin making your way out if you continue going down the path you followed to enter the missile warhead room at level 5. To leave, make your way back up the stairs (feel free to take elevators when available) and make your way to a small room with a glass window that offers a press button to open the door to exit and you’re finished! Be mindful of lurking players around the exit of this monument, may be a good idea to toss a flashbang out the door before running out!

Nuclear Missile Silo Staircase Exit

Additional Information

The Nuke Missile Silo Monument is currently live on the staging branch and is still subject to change and will go live on the main branch on May 4th. Its primary purpose is to count down to the next server wipe, after which the monument will trigger a server-wide explosion, in addition to being a vastly impressive monument for you and your team to loot and explore!

Additionally, Alistair just shared a clip on Twitter of the new Jets added to the game we wrote about recently. We can only assume these to be what will drop the nuke when the wipe countdown hits 0.

Server admins can adjust the timer to match their wipe schedule. Read more on that here:

Rust’s Nuclear Missile Silo Wipe Timer: What You Need to Know


With this step-by-step guide, you’re now prepared to face the challenges of Rust’s Nuke Missile Silo Monument. Gather your friends, gear up, and get ready for an unforgettable experience!

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