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500 IQ Tips and Tricks in Rust Featured by Mister Flak

If you’ve been playing Rust a fair bit then more than likely you’ve heard about Mister Flak. He’s a veteran of the Rust scene in terms of content, not PVP 😛 But seriously, he does very informative and entertaining videos I recommend you check out!

In this article we’ll be going over his recent video: “RUST: 500 IQ Tricks you DIDN’T know about!

Featured Tricks

  • Transferring loot/scrap across the map safely via drones
  • Hiding CCTV cameras to be more covert and see-through structures
  • Skip the reloading animation on the L96 Rifle
  • Instant Fire Glitch for the Eoka

Additional Video Further showing tips on CCTV Cameras

Bonus Feature

CerealOverdrive does a great job featuring some nice building tricks. Specifically related to hiding or making it MUCH more challenging for raiders to fully raid you.


Artwork supplied from Facepunch Studios taken by Patrick
Videos and Topic Provided by Mister Flak & CerealOverdrive
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