Above-ground Trains

Above-Ground Trains And Whey They’re Needed!

Above Ground Train System in Rust

With the additions of above-ground trains within Rust you can expect to see massive changes to the game, good changes of course! Let’s talk about those.

Let us start with a few questions first.


Why add the train system, or specifically for this article, the above-ground train system?

From an outsider’s perspective of this addition to the game, it can be apparent that this new content will be vastly improving not only just the immersion for the player’s gameplay experience but also map traversity. Adding another ability to travel from one side of the map to the other will increase the map traveling on average for players and offer one more ability to travel that wasn’t there before.


Why is player-travel important?

In any game the root of success is the player’s experience. With that said, making a map that is not only enjoyable but easy as possible to learn and travel on is any game developer’s goal. As a matter of fact, this reason is why over the years you’ve seen many changes to the procedural generation of maps and many new content changes to assist with player progression and travel. Some OG Rust players may recall in ~2016 era the massive mountains on the map that were quite a trek to climb but made for an amazing remote base location. However, due to those consuming a vast amount of the server’s map with little content benefit they were heavily reduced in size compared to modern-day maps.


Will the underground train system link with the above-ground one?

Without a direct answer from the development team from Facepunch, it would be assumed that one day the entire train systems on maps will be fully synced together for the most optimal experience regarding traveling. They have hinted in the past that this is on the roadmap, however no eta when they’ll be fully synced together.


Train Specific Information (ft ShadowFrax)

Our lovely Rust content reviewer Shadowfrax has made a few videos regarding the Train system pushing to Rust soon. He goes into much further detail regarding the specifics of what you can expect to experience while driving the trains and more about their implementation.


Artwork supplied from Facepunch Studios taken by Patrick
Videos included by ShadowFrax
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