Hapis Remastered
Hapis Remastered Tunnel System Hapis Remastered
WaterFall Hapis Remastered
SiteB Hapis Remastered
refinery Hapis Remastered
Pumpingstation Hapis Remastered
SiteA Hapis Remastered
outpostb3 Hapis Remastered
Outpostandbandit Hapis Remastered
miltuns Hapis Remastered
Loading Dock Hapis Remastered
listeningstation Hapis Remastered
Launch addition Communications Hapis Remastered
junkyard Hapis Remastered
Desert Monuments Hapis Remastered
collapsed Tunnel Hapis Remastered

Hapis Remastered

(9 customer reviews)

My Remastered version of Hapis Island 2016-2021

Recreated and Editable version of Hapis Island
Updated to include the latest Content in Rust
Everything included in Map is Free to use, but please Do Not Resell any of it.


Sold By: Nox


Hapis Remastered

So Long have we waited for Hapis to Return to Rust
After 7 months of work I have Redesigned and Remastered Hapis
Rebuilt the Map from Images, Videos, and Memory of time played I Present you my Remastered Version.

How this Project Started:

Well for years I have played Rust, across two accounts I’ve put in about a few thousand hours, From Legacy, Vanilla Rust -to- Modded I’ve played a lot. My love for this game all started back in 2016 when I discovered a Zombie Server using Hapis as its base map. Hapis was the first non Procgen map I ever Played
And let me tell you it is still my Favorite Map to Date!!

Now speed time up a few years and I discovered Rust Edit Forums by K1lly0u and I was Blown away at the small amount of mappers and what they were creating.
I started out small building what I wanted to see in a Rust map, from a Strip Club, to a Water Fall, RV camper ect. I was then brought into the discord were I still Spend most of my time. A Community I love and cherish. When Personal Life Issues got me Down this Community Helped me Get threw my Darkest of Days. An sitting at the apex of my experience with the Program I tried to recreate the Map I loved and played months on. Hapis was the hardest Project I have ever undertook and I Remade it a few times now. From Using Buildings from Wheatlymf, Keirox I turned my first Hapis remake into a zombie Apoc Nightmare for my server to play and it was great, I then incorporated Underwater Monuments like Lones Submarines and Robjs Sub docks. Currently using Robj’s outpost decor and drydock tugboat,  But then HDRP was on the Radar to come to rust and I worked on other projects in the mean time.

Eventually I got my hands on the Aux01 HDRP backport and I nearly died, all the months of hand placing rocks and rebuilding Hapis the first few times  were just completely decimated. But their was HOPE, After all the time I have Invested into Rust Edit I now knew how to do what I wanted to do, So I began working on Hapis Remastered. I took Hapis from the game files and brought it into World Creator 2, I played around with a few things and Re Merged it into Rust Edit, then realized there was a Height Limit on the map so I had to then Port it to unity, thankfully Kilgore by then had his Modified Unity Editor up an running. It saved my bacon on more then one thing and I was able to then get the terrain to fit into the map just right.

Now Ill say as I started with the Monuments I wanted to change the Designs abet more from my now acquired tastes of editing and took the liberty of trying to make them my own a bit more. Is this Map a 1×1 Recreation, NO.. This Map is a culmination of the different versions of Hapis I have played and the versions I hoped would come to pass. I wanted to incorporate the old Airfield but then settled on making a custom Airfield and mixing that with the New Military Content.

Strenuous Bug testing and patching Io thanks to my Friend Stoner Jesus I feel I haven’t just Remade Hapis, but expanded it. This feels to be my Opus as far as Map work I have done. I hope to see you enjoy the map as much as I have these last few months.


Every Server Host may be Different, Most will have Support staff that should be able to help you Install if not
Join Lone Design Discord and make a ticket We will walk you through the process.


Custom Monument / Remakes

  • Reee Hand placed Rocks ~1 Month
  • Small Caves scattered
  • Outpost B3
  • Lighthouses
  • Collapsed Tunnel
  • Refinery
  • Listening Station
  • Convoy East
  • Convoy south
  • Beached Tugboat (Credits to RobJ2210)
  • Abandoned Boat north
  • Pumping Station
  • Venting Shaft
  • Loading Dock
  • Junkyard

Custom Communication Mini Monuments

  • Site A
  • Site B
  • Custom airfield with military camps and MLRS
  • Custom Abandoned mineshafts additions.
  • Tunnel through main mountain connecting outpost to the north
  • Crashed Plane off Coast of East Lighthouse

Current Stock Monuments

  • Launchsite
  • Sewer Treatment
  • Hqm Quarry
  • Stone Quarry
  • Sulfur Quarry
  • Waterwells
  • Underwaterlabs x3
  • Oilrig Large
  • Oilrig Small
  • Outpost -Customized
  • BanditCamp


9 reviews for Hapis Remastered

  1. charlprak81

    Excellent work Nox, this is an amazing remake of the classic Hapis. I spent a year playing only Hapis, and the best I can say for your map is : It’s good to be home.

    • Nox

      Thanks I love to call hapis home aswell it’s my favorite map.

  2. Envy

    Thank you so much for this Nox! Gonna run this on Doki 2x next wipe!!! I have missed Hapis so much!

    • Nox

      Good to know, let me know if you experience any issues or your players find any bugs. Hope everyone enjoys it as much as I do.

  3. yehhai

    Great job Nox, map is beautiful!

    • Nox

      Thanks, I hope to continue to make it even more beautiful.

  4. Dragoon rustafied

    Awesome work with the map Nox! Can see all the love you have for this map on some details you updated. Map is amazing. <3.

    We are hosting on our rustafied zenlabs servers this wipe and players are having a blast. There are some issues that our players reported though such as :

    Some places you can fall through the map.
    Ladders on some of the monuments are not present or not working.

  5. Confetti

    Great reinvention of Hapis! Testing it out this week in Heterika PVE

  6. Doom

    Awesome work Nox you nailed it……..beautifully done,…… Thanks for the map as well all the help you give the community………..

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Version 1.85
  • 1 day ago Updated Terrain Missing from Cliff top leaving Holes in Cliffs
  • 1 day ago Fixed Terrain fall through Site A, Loading Dock,Venting Shaft
  • 1 day ago Added Update to Carpark
  • 1 day ago Updated Holes In Cliffs loading dock coast,desert Coast,Site A Coast, Site B Coast
  • 1 day ago Added DropZone Prefabs Added back to allow locked crate drop to sometimes spawn at main monuments.
  • 1 day ago Added few Decor additions
  • 1 day ago Fixed Spot players can get stuck behind Fridge at Carpark
  • 1 day ago Removed A few major Exploit Locations

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Got something to discuss?

3 days 15 hours ago

Players are reporting that the Red card at Sit B is unlootable, spawns in the desk.

3 days 14 hours ago

It’s a glitch with the key card desk, just a standard key card desk not sure why it spawns inside the desk sometimes.

Plenty of other locations for red card though untill I figure out a way to fix that one.

Also pushed an update for today to patch some big exploits.

I will be continuing work on map every day until force wipe and then after forced wipe updates maybe bi weekly or as needed for in bulk updating if it needs it.

Map is still a wip but definitely playable.

And I read every comment so please feel free to mention any bugs you may find and I’ll try to get around to them asap.

Thanks for hosting the map
<3 u

Dariel Leon
3 days 12 hours ago

I get an error that says disconnecting: World File Outdated: HapisReWork1.82…why im getting this?

2 days 21 hours ago

rename the file and reupload it
Just means u have a file in your map folder already with that name

3 days 5 hours ago

WIll your server be listed under modded section, if you use this map on it? Id like to stay community 😀

Cobus Botma
3 days 1 hour ago

Thank you for the hard work! Just missing some of the previous caves that I used to use. Any spoilers regarding caves available? Keep up the good work. Much appreciated.

2 days 21 hours ago

Caves currently are just small ones to give player a little something to explore and are subject to expansion as time goes on.

I do plan to have a full custom cave monument at some point.

Aswell as add more building caves with custom puzzels aswell as play testing goes forward. To set date as of now on additions as bug fixing is top priority for now.

2 days 20 hours ago

The SE corner ladder entrance to Green Card door is bugged/under the map. Players can get stuck leaving if they go this way.

2 days 20 hours ago

at Abandoned Airfield, sry

2 days 17 hours ago

Scientists seem to wander from spawn points/far away from monuments.

2 days 3 hours ago

as for scientists roaming far away I have no control over them as I only added a small few of npcs to map the rest should be generic junkpile spawns nativly in world or baked into the monument.
Only ones that should be out roaming from monument are in the desert as the military camps to the airfeild are all one single monument.

2 days 3 hours ago

Good catch, seems some of the sewer pipes got swaped to the wrong direction, ver 1.84 will have the exit going to the correct location.

Dragoon rustafied
2 days 19 hours ago

Hey Mr.Nox, here’s a list of feedback i received from our players so far :

Some places you can fall through the map.
Ladders on some of the monuments are not present or not working.
Scientist spawn and aggro range seems a bit off the charts.
Some places inside radtowns such as airfield towers seems to be buildable.

2 days 3 hours ago

Already been patched as of version 1.82 current map version 1.83, Thanks for feedback.

1 day 14 hours ago

Was patched in version 1.83 If any more Issues arise keep me posted I will be updating the map daily until force wipe then bi-weekly unless another major bug is found. This week is very helpful in getting me bugs I miss and really help me in making sure its fixed. Also any feedback for the Current loot system will help aswell, any ideas of where players are focusing or not going will really help me on time for optimizing it. Thanks for hosting <3 You

Cobus Botma
2 days 34 minutes ago

Seems like no boxes spawn inside millitary tunnels

Cobus Botma
1 day 23 hours ago

Sorry just took longer to spawn 🙂

Cobus Botma
1 day 34 minutes ago

can place bags and campfire in bus stop I6 on map

22 hours 5 minutes ago

Bust stops were made to be buildable again aswell as I added back I. The pipes to allow for solo bases off the road. All intentional.

Cobus Botma
15 hours 15 minutes ago

terrain problem ae21

2 hours 43 minutes ago

Let me know if this still persists after version 1.85

Matthias Pröll
2 hours 48 minutes ago

Nice work, I really love the map. But the is a little Bug at the Junkyard at G7 where a ladder isn’t working. I can’t climb it up.
Thanks for your hard work!

2 hours 44 minutes ago

Was patched in version 1.85
Both ladders for getting up ramp and to get up to the top triggers were in wrong location.

𝙾𝙻𝙳 𝙱𝚁𝙾 ヽ(ヅ)ノ
49 minutes 31 seconds ago

Hapis Remastered

𝙾𝙻𝙳 𝙱𝚁𝙾 ヽ(ヅ)ノ
48 minutes 54 seconds ago

Hapis Remastered Метро нет

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• Now just start your server and it’ll boot right up! Below I’ll attach a video that goes more in-depth on hosting custom maps vs proc gen maps since it’s a tad different

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