Hapis Remastered


Sold by: Nox

Conversion of lastest Hapis 2022 to this version.

  • Added in New Trainyard and A Rail System to ride along most of the map to go use the new Train Monument features aswell as a few stations to recycle at on your trip with the trains, these stations also provide a mission vendor.
  • Lots of terrain adjustments and tweaks aswell as some topology overhuals and splats.

Now With the Optional Train Yard Overhaul in side Folder With trains for those who dont want it you can still use option in second folder without trains.

  1. My Remastered version of Hapis Island 2016-2021
Map Size 5000
Total Prefab Count under 22k  
Recreated and Editable version of Hapis Island
Updated to include the latest Content in Rust
Everything included in Map is Free to use, but please Do Not Resell any of it.
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