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Maunsell Sea Forts

(5 customer reviews)


Unique Sea Monument to add to your map!

Sold By: Lone


Maunsell Sea Forts

The days of trekking through the water with little to no rewards are over! This new custom Rust monument for your custom maps will bring an amazing new mid-tier monument out in the depths of the newman ocean that will bring you to loot or to death. Gear up with your buddies and take over the water forts for your own benefit!

This custom monument is an excellent addition to the ocean featuring a lower-tier addition in conjunction with the oil rigs. However, don’t confuse that with easy, this monument will bring some challenges to any fresh spawn chat.



  • Starter to Mid Tier Loot (depending on if you’re geared)
  • 1 Fuse, 1 Blue card puzzle to loot and a red card spawn
  • NPC guards
  • Anti mini/scrap copter skip (you can try)
    All above a great monument to spice up anyone’s ocean loot for their server!

5 reviews for Maunsell Sea Forts

  1. rbryan79 (verified owner)

    Awesome water monument! Super easy to place. Works great!

  2. slayersrust (verified owner)

    This was one of the easiest monuments to add to my map since it is placed in the water. The Sam sites add nice protection, great addition to this prefab. My map really needed another water monument and this one was perfect.

  3. cliffy.chapman (verified owner)

    Super easy to place, the Bots re-spawn timer by default was 0 seconds so they wouldn’t spawn but a change to that and it really is a drag and drop monument – recommended for a first monument easily.

  4. Your Sensei (verified owner)

    Simply AWESOME, Facepunch should add this to Vanilla!

  5. Christian Endicott (verified owner)

    like how it looks it’s great & he updated it so now it looks better

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  • v6.0 - Adjusted prefabs from recent update changing the style of them slightly.
  • v8.0 - Fixed minor imperfections with some of the foliage. Also made it so the push button to exit still works even after fuse is dead

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