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Add some extras to stock monuments.


Sold By: Ts3Hosting


Can add lights and or carlifts to gasstation, MiningOutpost, airfield, and supermarket.
Can add new green card puzzles to supermarket, dome, and junkyard.
Can add BigWheel to Outpost.
Can add Npc Vendors with custom sell items anywhere.

Can use CopyPaste to auto past buildings relevant to monuments see config


/npc_loot add <UniqueLootFileName> – Create a loot file with items set in your main inventory SEE SETUP FOR CORRECR LOOT USAGE.
/npc_loot remove <UniqueLootFileName> – Removed a loot file.

/mylocation – To get MonumentName and x y z for use in config for custom spawns/CopyPaste

/npc_vendor add <NpcUniqueName> <LootFileName> – Adds vendor where you are standing and looking direction.
/npc_vendor edit <Name> <LootFileName> – Change the npc loot fIle.
/npc_vendor remove <Optional NpcUniqueName> – Removed the vendor you are looking at.

When you add in a npc vendor his loot will be default and update 30 seconds after he spawns.

How to set up Vendors loot file

How to Setup Loot File.
Clear your main inventory.
Starting from the top first slot to the left add the item you want to sell with the vendor with the amount to sell,
In the next slot to the right add the item that it will cost with the amount. Keep doing this down the row to add all the items.
I recommend no more then selling 6 items at once.
Once your items are ready /npc_loot add <UniqueLootFileName> to create your loot file.

Example with selling for 1000 scrap
Loot Example


Example to add recycler to village in the config.. you get get monument locations/Name by /mylocation


 "fishing_village_1": {
     "MonumentName": "fishing_village_c",
     "prefab": "assets/bundled/prefabs/static/recycler_static.prefab",
     "pos": {
          "x": -12.2,
          "y": 2.0,
          "z": 14.35
     "rotate": 180.0
"fishing_village_2": {
     "MonumentName": "fishing_village_b",
     "prefab": "assets/bundled/prefabs/static/recycler_static.prefab",
     "pos": {
          "x": -10.2,
          "y": 2.0,
          "z": 21.35
          "rotate": -90.0


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Version 1.0.27
  • 4 months ago Added Fix for not deleting vending on npc remove
Version 1.0.25
  • 5 months ago Updated Fixed monument puzzle locations

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