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Custom notifications – Optional dependency on the Bank System plugin


Sold By: Mevent



Custom notifications



  • [type] [message]
  • notify.player [steamid] [type] [message]
  • notify.allplayers [type] [message]

Config Examples

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Version 1.0.4
  • 2 weeks ago Fixed notify.allplayers
Version 1.0.3
  • 2 weeks ago Added notify.allplayers
Version 1.0.2
  • 3 months ago Added Permission
  • 3 months ago Added Command notify.player [steamid] [type] [message]
  • 3 months ago Added Images

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Got something to discuss?

Daniel Fuss
2 months 23 days ago

Very cool plugin, could there be a option for notices sent to “STEAMID”

Connor Koenig
1 month 1 day ago

Very useful plugin, would be super cool if there was a way to set a max number of notifications displayed. For example, if you log in for the first time in a while and get a ton of notifications, it only shows 5 at a time so it doesn’t go on forever.

How do I use this .zip/.7z file I just purchased on my server?

• First, you want to unzip the file. You can do so by just double-clicking it to open, then drag the contents to the desired location (you may need to install an external unzipping software if you don’t already have one such as 7zip or winrar)
• Next you will find either a structure of folders or just the .cs file itself (it’s the actual plugin file itself).
• After that just install the .cs (plugin file) into your …/oxide/plugins/ folder where you will install plugins you ever need to.

Additionally, here’s a great video that easily covers adding a plugin to your server if you need!

• Installation is not included with any products on the site, however, if needed we may assist if you reach out to our support.